I've been really bad about blogging about everyday stuff.
So I have about a million pictures just sitting waiting to be blogged about.
Be prepared for complete randomness.

So I stayed at my parents' house for a few nights while they were out of town taking my sister to college.
They wanted someone to stay the night with my little brother and T was out of town anyway so it worked out all around.
While we were there, Chris found a lizard IN THE HOUSE.

Last week we were trying to get baby clothes boxes down so I could see what clothes we needed for Baby Boy.
We don't own a step stool or ladder and T couldn't reach the top shelf.
His solution?
Climb up on the dolly...which has wheels.
It didn't seem like the most brilliant idea to me but he lived.

Jack & I have been taking several 5 mile walks along the river trail.
Isn't the scenery gorgeous?

T & I went on a long past-due date night to FroYo.
I ate zero desserts in the week leading up to our date so I could have my FroYo completely guilt-free.
I'm embarrassed to say mine is the one with more ice cream and less fruit haha.

I put every chocolatey and sweet possibility in my yogurt.
Butterfinger, peanut butter cups, caramel, cookie dough, sprinkles, m&m's, heath bar and more.
Every bite was pure heaven.

My MIL had vouchers for free tickets to an A's game.
T, Jack & I and two of T's sisters took advantage.

Jack liked sitting in the seats but he doesn't weigh enough to hold them down haha

We won!

 Best family picture we could get in front of the field.

Yeah, it's watermarked.
Because it's a screen shot since there is no WAY I would ever pay $40 for a 5x7 picture ha!

Jack had a play date at the park with his little friend Allison.
He learned how to go down the slides and LOVES them now.
He's really fast though and I still have to follow him's hard to keep up!

 A couple weeks ago my parents gave us an old entertainment center.

I slapped some paint on
[it was a seriously quick paint job]
and turned it into a shelving unit for the playroom.

When T was out of town on business for the week
and my dad was out of town on business for the day
my mom & I met up for lunch at La Bou.
Yummiest bakery ever.

I know the picture is awful but it's the best I got.
Wish my sisters could have been here to join us!

 I found these gems on my dad's iPad.
Aunt Laurin was making funny faces to Jack over FaceTime.
He thought it was pretty hilarious.

 When Jack got bored I joined in on ugly face-making.
We're cool.

 My SIL sent me this picture from our gender reveal party of Jack with my grandparents. Enjoying a cupcake, of course.

 Last week I went to check on Jack in the playroom and found him crawling around with one of his shapes stuck in the back of his shirt.
I'm totally unsure how he got it there but he seemed unphased haha.

We hit the jackpot on one of our river walks last week.
We saw 7 deer, several turkeys, and a coyote right by the road!

Can you spot the deer?
I think there are three in this picture.

Jack LOVES when we see turkeys!

And the coyote!
Jack thought it was a dog so he loved it.
We didn't watch it for long because it was making me nervous being so close to us.

On Saturday we took Jack on his first bike ride.
Thanks to T's sister for letting us borrow their kids bike trailer
and to my sister for letting me borrow her bike
and to my grandpa for letting T borrow his bike.
HA we are such moochers!

Two minutes into the bike ride he was like this:

 This weekend we got some rain
[YAY for rain and cooler weather!!]
and Jack was LOVING it.
He watched the rain from the sliding glass door for a long time Saturday morning
and then T took him out to experience it.
He was all giggles.

 The end.

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