You'd think since I already have a little boy
and lots of little boy clothes
I wouldn't be so obsessed over them.
But...I am.
I couldn't help browsing baby stores online
right after the gender reveal party
annnd now I want to buy almost everything I've seen.
Lucky for me, this little boy will be a winter baby
whereas Jack was a summer baby.
So I do actually need some baby clothes.
Which is great because I can satisfy my shopping addiction a little bit
without feeling too guilty.
Want to see my current picks?

H&M booties.
I'm dying over the cuteness.

I think I'm going to buy like 50 beanies.
They're just SO cute and Jack never got to wore them as a little babe since it was so hot!
I obviously will have the baby wear one pretty much every day.

This comfy little outfit?
Oh my goodness.

I'm telling you...there is NOT a limited selection of adorable beanies.
Apparently stores know that mommies are suckers for them.
I'm definitely bringing like 5 to the hospital so Baby doesn't have to wear the boring hospital ones.

THIS is my dream going-home outfit.
But it was sold out online when I found it yesterday
and today it's not even showing up at all!
Boo boo boo!

If you didn't notice, I'm just a little bit obsessed with stripes right now.
I think everything I buy will have stripes.
Yep, everything.

Summer Infant Swaddleme Purelove - Monkey Stripe
Even this SwaddleMe I absolutely have to have.
HAVE to.
I have two newborn ones already but these are the BEST so three is better than two.
Plus it's so adorable I can't NOT buy it.

Even though I don't really need a lot of stuff this time around
I will definitely be creating a registry soon so I can get my 10% off at Target on everything baby!

Little boys are so fun!

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