We need a better hiding spot.

So Costco has rows of toys in preparation for Christmas
and we just happened to see the perfect set of cars for Jack Jack.
So of course we snatched them up before they sold out.
Jack was with us and I'm pretty sure his eyes glazed over when we got to the the aisle with all the cars.
There was a lot of "OOOOOO!" and pointing going on.
When we got home T hid the cars in my closet
...under my dresses and behind my shoes.
This all happened like two weeks ago.

Well yesterday as I'm getting ready I hear Jack saying "ooooo!"
so I investigate.
What do you know?
He found the cars, that little bugger!
He was so excited and pointing and "oooo"-ing.

He decided he'd just climb right over my shoes and pull them out.

And then he proceeded to play with the box.

I felt like it was too mean to take them away so I waited until he was distracted by something else and then RE-hid those little cars.
On the top shelf of my closet.
I figured Jack was too short to ever notice they were up there.
I was wrong.
As I was getting ready this morning (Jack is always playing in my closet while I'm getting ready haha)
I hear "ooooo!" again.
And what do you know?
He tried really hard to climb up my hanging clothes to get to them.

He was obviously unsuccessful.
T & I will have to find a REAL hiding spot, I guess.
I think I can safely say that Jack Jack will not be disappointed this Christmas.

And while we are on the topic of Jack's obsession with cars...
every single toy in his playroom except for this new-to-him dump truck has been completely neglected.
Thanks to Aunt Alyson for handing it down to Jack Jack.
The only toys lucky enough to get played with anymore are the ones that get chosen for rides in the dump truck.

I have to admit that I think his obsession with anything cars/trucks is completely adorable.
This little face is also completely adorable.

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  1. My last comment worked! Maybe this one will too!! So I LOL'd at this cute! And that last picture of Jack is amazingly adorable. What a face!!


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