What We Wear Wednesday

*Disclaimer: I promise I know that my backyard has the worst lighting in the WORLD [at any time of day]. I just need to start loading Jack up in the stroller and traveling to a better photographing location.  One day, my friends.

- Marci -

Top: H&M Mama
Cardi: H&M during their "50% off sale" sale. I think it was $5 :]
Jeggings: Old Navy
Flats: Walmart

Okay and I just have to show you this picture because it's hilarious.
Jack was playing in the backyard while I was taking these and he was chewing on a rock so this is my "Jack, that's yucky" face. Hahaha

- Jack Jack -

Top: Carter's
Leggings: Carter's
Dirt on his face: Courtesy of all the rocks and sticks he was eating
Cast: Comes off in 4 DAYS!!..for real this time.
Sock covering cast: Mommy's closet

Oh and don't forget the star on his bum haha

And your 23.5 week bump pic

Oh. And you need to know that Jack took his very first selfie today.
He got hold of my camera and figured out how to take pictures.
I about died when I saw this on my camera.

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