High Five for Friday

Friday, October 25, 2013

And a happy one at that! T has been out of town since Sunday morning and we got to pick him up from the airport this afternoon...SO happy to have him home!
Here's our week in review :]

1. Our brother-in-law owns a fun little train that rides on some tracks in our city. He brought it down to the tracks over the weekend and invited us to come out to ride. Jack love love LOVED it. More on this fun day in a later post :]

2. Because Daddy was out of town Jack & I spent a couple nights at my parents' house so I could catch up on Revenge with my mom while Jack Jack slept. He was VERY excited to wake up one of those mornings to see the kitty in the room. I woke up to him meowing at her. He really loves that kitty.

 3. One very good reason to have children is that they make you laugh all. the. time. Jack is obsessed [really, OBSESSED] with graham crackers. If I ever leave the pantry unlocked he'll pull out the bag and bring it to me to get him one. The other day I was busy doing something and apparently wasn't fast enough in getting a graham cracker out of the what does he do? Just eat the WHOLE bag at ONCE. Ha ha ha I just about died!

4. Jack & I snuggled every night this week because I'm a baby and I don't like sleeping alone.
 Besides, who wouldn't want to wake up to a little sleeping angel?

Excuse the horrible front-facing camera iPhone quality picture.

5. I finally dug around for our fall wreath that was still packed up and got it up on our freshly painted door.
LOVE. My house is starting to feel so home-y. Come visit!

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What's in her [maternity] closet?

my cute little sidekick :]

Top: Lavish Maternity by Heidi Klum from Ross
Cardi: Hollister
Jeggings: Old Navy [same]
Booties: Zulily
Nail Polish: Maybelline Color Show in Impeccable Greys (#410)

Note:I am 26.5 weeks in these pictures.

What's in her [maternity] closet?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

 Top: H&M (not maternity)
Jeggings: JC Penney [same]
*except I'm really not a fan of these pants. They come in sizes S-XL and the small really is too large for me...they are constantly needing to be pulled up which is really annoying. Plus the belly band is too big at 26 weeks...maybe at 35 weeks it'll finally fit right?
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Note: I am 26 weeks in these pictures.

What's in her [maternity] closet?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dress: Liz Lange Maternity from Target [same]
Cardi: Old Navy [similar]
Scarf: Charlotte Russe [similar]
Ankle booties: Steve Madden, old 

Note: I am 26 weeks in these pictures.

Just Because I'm in Love

Saturday, October 19, 2013

So obviously I'm in love with my child.
So this is simply a blog post about his cuteness.

[watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse]

He all of a sudden loves to wear sunglasses and hats and brings them to us to put on, walks around a bit, takes them off, then wants us to put them back on. It's a vicious cycle but it's so cute.

[giant blood blister, poor babe! I think his shut it in his dresser drawer]

One time Daddy squirted some whipped cream into Jack's mouth. Jack has never forgotten that heavenly taste and is ALWAYS sneaking the can out of the refrigerator whenever we open it. Usually he is rewarded for his sneakiness by a taste of this goodness. Spoiled little boy.

Daddy had the grand idea of letting Jack sit in one of these car carts at Home Depot. This baby was in HEAVEN. Why don't all stores have these?

[we've been practicing letter sounds around here with Jack's magnet letters]

[who can resist this cute laugh?]

[I honestly have the most easy-going baby on planet Earth]


5 on Friday

Friday, October 18, 2013

1. We painted the exterior of our house!
THANK YOU to our brother-in-law Cory and T's Dad for pretty much doing the entire thing.
T ended up having to work last-minute on Saturday and I mostly just supervised, ha ha ha!
[Before & After picture post coming SOON.]

2. Jack got this ball popper toy handed down to him from his cousins and he is OBSESSED.
It's his new favorite.

Jack Jack had his last appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. They did one last set of x-rays and the doctor confirmed that his bone is completely, 100% healed! He compared these x-rays to the original x-rays and said he can't even see the fracture at all anymore! YAY Jack Jack!
 PS He is such a brave little boy and pretty much a pro at this whole x-ray thing now :]
PPS Daddy couldn't make it to this appointment so Grandpa took us so that someone could stand with Jack-o-Lantern during the x-rays.

4. Saw this on Pinterest and just about died.
Story of my LIFE.

 5. I died for the second time this week when I realized my 26.5 week belly is just as big as my bum.
Seriously, my behind grows just as fast as my front when I'm pregnant, it's a little bit ridiculous.

Happy Friday!

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What's in her [maternity] closet?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

*My shirt was not wrinkled when I started the day. Props to me for not taking pictures until the end of the night, at which point it looked like I had been involved in a dog fight.*

Top: H&M (not maternity)
...can't find it online but I've still seen them hanging around in stores, even though I bought it 6+ months ago.
Jeggings: Old Navy [same]
These are my absolute FAVORITE maternity pants right now. They are so comfy and still really cute. I'm seriously considering buying a second [and third] pair because I'm pretty sure I'll wear them that often this fall and winter.
Note: I would advise purchasing in a size up. I ordered my regular size and one size up and kept the size up...I promise that after you dry them once you will not regret the size up.
Shoes: Walmart...yep, I wear them all the time. Even though they were $10 they are probably my favorite pair of shoes...oh and they're 100% identical to a pair Steve Madden has. I'll show you the proof one day soon.
Necklace: Kohl's
Watch: Kohl's
Leather wrap bracelet: Kohl's

Note: I am 25 weeks in these pictures.



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