At 24 weeks...

- I had my 24 week check-up.  My doctor and I are not seeing eye-to-eye on the birth plan. For about the millionth time I expressed my concern about delivering a large baby. Jack was 9lb 1oz and after 1hr45min of pushing EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTION the baby had not descended at ALL. After a Priesthood blessing, he finally made his way past my "small pelvis" (doctor's words) and thankfully entered the world without a c-section. The next day when my doctor came to check on me he advised me that I should be induced 1 week early for future babies to avoid having another large baby and risking a c-section. I gave all this information to my new doctor when I saw him at 9 weeks and at the time he seemed understanding. In all the times I've mentioned my concerns since, he has dismissed them saying I will easily be able to deliver a 9.5 pound baby this time since "Jack paved the way." At this most recent appointment, I told him I really did not want to end up with a c-section just because the baby was too big (like 10lb at 41 weeks!), especially when we already know I have a history of carrying a large baby. His response was that we would have to do a c-section if the baby was too big. Basically, "no big deal." Well, to me a c-section is a big deal. I obviously would like to avoid one. Because I feel like he & I are fighting against each other in our opinions and not working together to find the best solution, I've decided to switch doctors. I am more comfortable with a doctor who will listen to my concerns and at least be open to the idea of induction rather than a doctor whose opinion is more "my way or the highway."  That being said, I don't think Dr. Knight is a bad doctor, just not the right doctor for me. ANYway, I scheduled an appointment with a new OB, Dr. Melchione, who came high recommended by 4 friends. I see him in 2.5 weeks and hopefully that appointment will go better than my last!

-I finally ordered a new maternity dress from Target so I don't have to keep squeezing into my non-maternity church clothes [as seen above].
-I am measuring 25 cm (1cm more than with Jack at this stage).

-I am +14 pounds. I'm currently between the recommended minimum & maximum and 1lb below the recommended average.
Do you want to know how I know this? I found THE BEST pregnancy weight chart ever.
If you are obsessed about your pregnancy weight gain like I am this time around then you NEED to know about this.
Go here and enter your height and pre-pregnancy weight.
Then it calculates the minimum, maximum, and average weight you should be every two weeks.
After I did mine I took a screen shot and refer to that regularly. It's so much easier than the charts that say you should be up "5-8lb" or whatever. No calculating required with this chart! The only downside is it doesn't ask if you're expecting twins.
There ARE charts out there with that option but they don't show the minimum, maximum, and average which is the best part about this chart, in my opinion.

-I had this crazy dream that the baby came 6 weeks early and I was only in labor for like 1 hour before he arrived. I didn't even have time to tell the people who I plan to have in the delivery room that I was in labor. My sister, Kelli & cousin Catherine were both randomly there though which is funny since neither of them live nearby. Don't worry, T made it too.
Note: Please skip the rest of this if you have no interest in the deets of my nonsense dream.
Okay so I delivered on a Sunday. In part of my dream I delivered at the hospital but in other parts of the dream I had delivered in the mother's lounge at my church. And as dreams go, it wasn't weird that I might have delivered in the church nor was it weird that I went back and forth between delivery places. Don't you love how anything goes in dreams? 

So right after I delivered I decided to go to the church (or maybe I was already there?) to show the baby to my MIL since she didn't even know I had delivered yet. She was in the Relief Society room at church (and Relief Society was in progress) and I just popped my head in and lifted the baby up for her to see. Hahaha, okay seriously it's awkward just thinking about it. 

Then I randomly realized I was wearing a white skirt and I was thinking how it probably was not a good idea to be wearing a white skirt in public being that I had just delivered a baby one hour ago! HA. It must have been a breezy delivery because I felt perfectly comfortable roaming around an hour after giving birth.

So THEN the fire sprinklers are going off...both in the hospital and in the church since I'm still jumping back & forth between where I'm actually at.
The hospital evacuates everyone and basically tells me I'm being hour after giving birth! Want to know what I was saddest about after being discharged so early? That the baby never got his name written on a cute little paper and taped to his hospital crib. Hahaha. I was also worried about not getting much-needed sleep the first night since I would have no nurse help.
At the church everyone also left because, duh, we're getting soaked. The thing I was most worried about there was that I somehow knew my dad had papers all over his desk in his bishop's office that were getting soaked. And he was just standing in the hallway. I kept telling him he better go move his papers because they were getting soaked! I don't know why I was so worried about it and yet he seemed so un-worried...while he stood in the hallway getting soaked. Hahahaha.  You should know T & I walked home from church after the sprinkler incident. Our house is only a 5 minute walk away but hour after giving birth! HA.

Oh. And you should know that my baby came out at a whopping 8lb even though he was 6 weeks early. I had a dream when I was pregnant with Jack that he came out weighing like 15 pounds and while THAT didn't happen, he was an especially large baby. Obviously 8lb six weeks early is completely unrealistic but YIKES, do I have another BIG baby in my future? Haha, not that I think dreams mean anything but still.

You can now continue reading if you skipped that part HA.

-For the first time in my LIFE my nails are long! Like normally I have stubs.
You know how they say pregnancy is supposed to give you these amazing nails and hair? With Jack, NADA. No good nails, no good hair. What gives? While I still am lacking in the amazing pregnancy hair department, I can't complain about my nails! They may not look long to you but anyone who really knows me (like my mom, sisters, and T) will tell you this is AMAZING for me! I am so proud.

-I actually allowed myself a nap this week. These are few and far between but one day when it was a little chilly outside (emphasis on A LITTLE) and I was especially tired and Jack was actually napping, I wrapped myself up in this Christmas-y blanket (because I love my Christmas-y blankets and sort of collect's weird) and snuck in a little hour-long nap. Heavenly, I tell you.

On to week 25!

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  1. 1. you look so good pregnant!
    2. YOUR DREAM! hahaahahahahahahha!!! i was dying. SO MARCI
    3. Your christmas blankies! hahahahah


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