I said to T the other night "Can you believe there are still 15 weeks to go?"
His reply? "That's all?!"
THAT'S ALL!? What! 15 weeks seems like forever! I'm just so anxious to meet this little boy!
But I will try to patiently wait out my 15 weeks since I want him to keep on baking.

At 25 weeks...

-I for whatever reason kept thinking I was 30 weeks. That's torture [in the weirdest form].

-I did a side-by-side comparison of with Jack @ 25 weeks and now.
And I am here to tell you that exercise during pregnancy DOES make a difference.
Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

-I have been waking up at night with borderline Charley Horses. My calves are really tight but the muscles have not contracted enough yet for the pain to really set in. I quickly flex my toes before the excruciating pain [that I know is inevitable one day soon] rears its ugly head.

-I have been so diligent at riding my exercise bike and not so diligent at walking anymore. I burn the same amount of calories in 30 minutes on the bike as I do in an hour and 15 minute walk. And besides, I can watch Say Yes to the Dress while I work out.
But I do still love our river walks so I'll get back to those one day soon.

-My belly button is officially half out. With Jack, it popped halfway out and then just...disappeared. No, really. I didn't have a belly button for like three months. We'll see if that happens this time around or if I get an actual outtie.

-I have been stressing over the dumbest thing ever. Are you ready for it? Don't laugh.
I can't figure out how I want to wear my hair during labor.
I bet you're laughing but YES I'M SERIOUS!
I know it's so dumb but this is my story behind it.
Since I ended up with a scheduled induction with Jack I had time to plan my hair/makeup, etc. I went for curls and it started out cute when I checked into the hospital. But then I ended up tying my hair up in an I-don't-care-just-get-this-dang-hair-out-of-my-face bun halfway through labor. When I took my hair out later my hair was a complete frizzy mess. And every time I look back at pictures I wince. And there are a LOT of pictures from that day.
This time, I want to look back and not hate my hair.
But that's how vain I really am.
So I have been seriously stressing about how to do my hair this time around.
I'm thinking sock bun or messy bun so that it's already off my face. I'll just have to make sure it's in a good position on my head that I can comfortably lay back [without ruining the bun, of course].
How ridiculous am I!?
Please let me know if you have other good ideas of labor hair HA.

-I needed to try some non-maternity shirts on this week and wanted a certain color wash of jeans. Didn't have them in maternity so I braved my pre-pregnancy jeans and...I am proud and shocked to tell you THEY FIT! They didn't come even CLOSE to buttoning, of course and NO they did not easily slip up over my bum [which seems to be the first thing to get bigger when I'm pregnant, so annoying] but hey, they FIT. It was worth documenting in a picture. I'm that vain, remember?

-I am seriously so ridiculously emotional. I bawled twice in two days this week.
Once because I was so overwhelmed with how much paint I still had to scrape away in prep for painting the exterior of our house [and Jack was not napping which left me limited time to scrape].
And the second time I just randomly started bawling while putting on my makeup all because I was stressed over Jack recently waking up at night every night and because I was feeling overwhelmed with a church activity we have been assigned to plan.
When I'm not pregnant I cry so rarely! Neither of these incidents would have caused tears a few months ago. These days I feel overwhelmed with just about anything and will randomly lose it. And I never experienced this with Jack so it's all new to me!
So if you happen to see me crying [or bawling] sometime in the next three months it's probably over something really silly.

Dear 26 weeks, please be less dramatic.



  1. haha! labor hair! love this! and I'm sorry you're so emotional!

  2. I highly recommend a single braid for labor. If you labor and deliver on your back, anything will get messed up, but you don't have to. I really liked laboring standing and sitting on a yoga ball and delivering on my side. Good luck! and Congrats!


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