5 on Friday

1. We painted the exterior of our house!
THANK YOU to our brother-in-law Cory and T's Dad for pretty much doing the entire thing.
T ended up having to work last-minute on Saturday and I mostly just supervised, ha ha ha!
[Before & After picture post coming SOON.]

2. Jack got this ball popper toy handed down to him from his cousins and he is OBSESSED.
It's his new favorite.

Jack Jack had his last appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. They did one last set of x-rays and the doctor confirmed that his bone is completely, 100% healed! He compared these x-rays to the original x-rays and said he can't even see the fracture at all anymore! YAY Jack Jack!
 PS He is such a brave little boy and pretty much a pro at this whole x-ray thing now :]
PPS Daddy couldn't make it to this appointment so Grandpa took us so that someone could stand with Jack-o-Lantern during the x-rays.

4. Saw this on Pinterest and just about died.
Story of my LIFE.

 5. I died for the second time this week when I realized my 26.5 week belly is just as big as my bum.
Seriously, my behind grows just as fast as my front when I'm pregnant, it's a little bit ridiculous.

Happy Friday!

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  1. hah! that last picture! trust me it is NOT big! you look great! but i always feel like that when i'm pregnant...too many bumps all over haha it's almost like the belly makes the butt stand out? something! but YOU look great!


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