Because I haven't updated in awhile

The random happenings of our everyday life.

Sooo...Jack plays with the tupperware.
Often he takes the rubber lining out of the lids and plays with that [weird].
Earlier this week he somehow got it wrapped around his body like this.
HA. I don't think he even knew.

One day soon, we are teaching him golf.
Or maybe Daddy should just teach him since I probably know less than Jack.

This week we put our whole hearts into cheering on the A's and were sadly disappointed when they lost in game 5. Boo. At least Jack looks cute in his A's track suit.

I know it sometimes seems like my kid is perfect
[I'm biased but he really is perfect]
BUT sometimes I promise you he is a NORMAL toddler!
YES, he cries! He even throws tantrums. And I finally have the proof.

His cousins watched the video of this tantrum and asked "Is that Jack? he CRYING?!"
HAHA! Yes, he cries sometimes! You can all stop hating me for having a child that never, ever cries.

We partied hard at cousin Faith's 6th birthday party...Barbie style.
 And by "partied hard" I mean that we showed up an hour late after all the festivities were over [oops], ate some cake, took a picture of Jack in the Ken box, and chatted with family. Ha, we are serious partiers, I tell you.

Good thing I showed you the proof of my child being less than perfect because you would otherwise hate me for this picture.
Is this really my life?
I'm just hoping baby #2 is as chill as Jack-o-lantern.

Jack LOVES playing outside BUT...the backyard isn't good enough.
Every single time he walks immediately to the gate and tries to get into the front yard.
He points a million times and probably thinks "how do you not understand this means I want to play in the FRONT YARD?!"
I get it but he loves to make a run for the street or hang out in the neighbor's driveway touching their I try to keep him contained in the backyard ha.

 There are times when I just really need to get stuff done and Jack refuses to nap.
So I let him wreck havoc while I do my stuff...and pay the price later.
Yep. This is the aftermath of our craft room/office when I let Jack play in here while I sewed.
It was worth every minute I spent cleaning up.

Or the time that I let Jack pull everything out from under the sink so he would let me shower?
Also worth it.
Especially since he went through and cleaned up the bobby pins himself...apparently putting them back in the case is very fun. Next time I drop that case and they spill everywhere I'll know just who to call.

While I sit waiting at doctor's appointments, Jack has the time of his life pushing the doctor's stool around. I'm starting to think we should buy him one of these for Christmas. I'm pretty sure it would entertain him for hours. Think I could find one on Amazon? Haha

Remember how Jack found his Christmas present?...twice?!
Well we moved it to Daddy's closet on an even higher shelf.
Guess who spotted it first thing this morning after Daddy left the closet door open?
Seriously? We have to move the 1-year-old's Christmas present to the rafters?

Oh. And we had yet another melt-down this week.

But then he made up for it with this happy face just minutes later.

And just to leave you with some cuteness...

 Thanks for catching up on life with us :]


  1. You should totally go for the stool. My son (and hubby for that matter) would love one too...

  2. jack is so cute!! i just have to tell you i read your blog all the time! but 99.999% of the time from my phone! i don't have a computer during the week and for some reason blog lovin NEVER lets me comment! so annoying! but i do read and love it! <3


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