Happy Birthday, T!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Daddy/Thomas!
Happy Birthday to you!

That's right.
This guy turned 28 today!

Let me just start off by saying I could honestly not have married a sweeter, more perfect man for me.
He's my very best friend, my confidant, and the love of my life.
And it sure doesn't hurt that he's the best Daddy in the entire world.
This man IS my world and I'm so, so grateful I'll get to celebrate many more birthdays with him :]
PS Like the shirt? One of his birthday presents!

So we planned to go to dinner as a family but a certain little person was so super cranky all afternoon SO my super sweet mother-in-law watched him for us last-minute while we went out to Thai food.

Curry, mmmm.

I made cupcakes for the birthday boy
[and gave several to both of our parents since we obviously cannot eat 24 cupcakes as a little family of 3].
Jack Jack just couldn't wait until Daddy got home so he had a cupcake right after I finished icing them.

...oh, and then I let him have another one at night.
That was probably an unhealthy decision but I'm over it.
Maybe we COULD eat all 24? At least Jack Jack could if I'd let him.

I really wanted a picture of T on his special day but he thought it was weird that I was just taking pictures of him standing there.
So this is what I got.

And then eventually I got a pillow thrown at me.

Mostly he TRIED to ignore my picture-taking antics but he finally did smile for a good one
[which would be the picture up top].

We also celebrated by having orange rolls for breakfast...
with a candle and the happy birthday song
and T opened his one remaining present
[since we opened most on Sunday night in case he wasn't home from work until late today].
In case you're wondering it was a new A's hat.
Since one of T's sports teams is finally doing well he's loving representing his team and feeling like a winner haha.

Happy birthday to the BEST husband and Daddy!

In other news this week...
Jack & I planned a trip to the outlets after taking Daddy to work on Monday.
Turns out they opened an hour later than I thought and since I didn't want to drive home just to turn around a few minutes later we had an hour to kill.
So we found a park.
And Jack had the time of his life being free to roam the playground without his cast.

Since he's still too little to do much at the park
[and this one didn't have baby swings]
chasing him around making sure he didn't fall off the play equipment got old really fast.
So we went to Petsmart.
Jack was obviously in heaven.


I really wanted to take this one home with us when he & Jack were playing with each other through the glass.
It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.

How did I NOT end up taking this little guy home with us?

Mostly [okay, fully] because Daddy would not have been happy with us haha

Later that day I was cleaning the bathroom and went to check on Jack.
I saw something pink on his hands and then I saw it on his lips.
And it looked suspiciously like a color of nail polish I own.
And THEN I saw this.
I checked Jack's mouth and saw a tiny bit between his teeth but none on his tongue or the rest of his mouth.
I called my mom to see if she thought I should call poison control.
I was pretty sure he didn't really EAT it since it's nasty and there wasn't much evidence of it in his mouth and after some internet research we determined I could just keep a close eye on him.
He's fine but PLEASE let's not do this again.
PS I'm pretty sure he used the applicator to put the nail polish on his lips like lip gloss.
Since I'm obsessed with lip gloss and he sees me putting it on ALL THE TIME.
I'm wondering if he thinks I'm crazy for putting that nasty tasting stuff on my lips all the time? HA.
I wish I had a picture of his SUPER BRIGHT PINK "lipstick" for you
[he actually did a really good job of applying it...covered most of his lips and barely went outside the lines!]
but I obviously had to wash it off right no picture.
You will just have to imagine.
Oh and PS. Yes, that polish removed the finish from our hardwood floors where the puddle is.
Good thing it's in the bedroom and pretty small. And fixable.
Thank GOODNESS it's not carpet!

This morning Jack ended up in our bed at 6:45am.
About an hour later this was his sleeping position.
Haha I'm really not sure how he was breathing with his face smothered in there.
But he was...I checked.

Even though Jack has his moments like all toddlers
he is generally the most easy-going and sweetest little boy.
While I worked out on the stationary bike he laid on his little pillow reading his construction book and watching Disney channel.
Think I'll get as lucky with #2?

After Jack's nap I had a bucket of water out from mopping.
Jack was about to play in it but I scooped it up and put it on the counter.
When he started to shed very sad tears over this I dumped out the dirty water and refilled the bucket with clean water and put it on the floor for him...
and then was a smart mom and put a towel underneath it.
He had the time of his LIFE splashing in that bucket.
Bringing him to the bucket was the only way I could keep him from crying whenever I put him down this afternoon.
I plan to have many more water-filled buckets in the future.

And I learned that I need to make sure the dishwasher latches shut from now on.
After taking out the trash today I came back in to see THIS.
 He thought it was really fun but I didn't really think it was such a great idea.
PS notice his one shoe. He is always taking off his shoes but seems to forget there are two?
So he's often walking around one-shoed haha
What was my life be like without this kid?
I can barely remember and I'm not sure I want to!


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