High Five for Friday

[too bad T has to work tomorrow so it's not as exciting as normal].
5 things we loved about this week:

1. Using points T gets at work for "being healthy" (ie going to his yearly dr check-up, exercising, etc) we ordered a gift card to Home Depot that will pay for 10 gallons of paint. For what, you ask? To paint the exterior of our house! I'm SO excited!!! These are the two colors we're choosing between [large swatch]. I'm leaning more toward the darker color [on the left] but please weigh in!
PS We are doing bright white trim no matter the main color. That's T's choice and since I'm picking the main color, he can have his choice of trim!

2. We watched The Lion King on a no-nap day.
[what's up with these no-nap days happening so often?!]
One major pro of having a baby is taking time to watch classic Disney movies.

3. I enjoyed these ALL week.
I mentioned one day to my MIL how we've been waiting for these to pop back up at Sam's Club. We go through them so fast that buying them from the grocery store gets pricey.
Guess what? She bought us a box!
Sweetest MIL ever.
And it definitely satisfied my pregnancy cocoa puffs craving.
...oh and we discovered Jack loves them too.
4. It's Friday so we of COURSE had to spend some time outside and we played with sidewalk chalk!
Meaning that I mostly drew and Jack mostly put them in his mouth or rolled them down the driveway then thoroughly enjoyed when I chased him because he was chasing the chalk into the street.
PS Sidewalk chalk on the bum. Why are these silly things so cute to a mom!?

5. THIS package showed up on my doorstep this morning.

Guess what was inside?
These ADORABLE baby clothes, courtesy of my BFF, Chelsy!
Oh. My. Goodness.
I do not kid you, I almost cried at the cuteness.
Chelsy has the BEST taste and is seriously the sweetest.
If you're not her friend you're missing out [and not because she sends you awesome packages like this, even though that's a given bonus :]]

And PS can I just tell you a little story about this package arriving on my doorstep?
So I've been saying how Jack's naps have been so scarce lately. I actually do know the reason...molars. But it's still frustrating since he's so tired and so cranky without his naps. Anyway, he missed his morning nap today and was so exhausted after a late-morning play date that he went right to sleep. He even pointed to his crib to get in. I was so excited that I'd be getting a nice block of time to work on my latest little project that NEEDS to be done by December 24.
Well an hour and a half into this blissful nap...the doorbell rings. BAH.
As excited as I was to see this package on my doorstep, I was NOT so excited that Jack started to cry immediately. And I was really frustrated with the mailman for not intuitively knowing that a baby was taking a much-needed nap.
For the first time I considered taping one of those signs to my doorbell that says "PLEASE KNOCK."
For my whole life I have hated those signs. I don't know what it is about them but something about seeing that when you walk up to someone's door seems so un-welcoming. Even if it's a friendly note that says "Baby napping, please knock."
It's just not my style, that's all.
Well today I think I finally really understood why people do it.
Not that I didn't understand before but you don't REALLY understand until it happens to you.
It's happened before but never when Jack so desperately needed a nap and I so desperately needed that nap-time.
Anyway I seriously considered making that sign for the 45 minutes that I left Jack in his crib whining, hoping he'd go back to sleep.
Unfortunately he never did and I ultimately decided to not put a sign on my doorbell.
Mostly because Jack is such a light sleeper he would wake up from a knock too.
I don't think I can very well put a sign up that says "Baby sleeping, please go away."
Now that would be un-welcoming.
But I did learn a valuable lesson today.
To all you "please knock" sign putter-uppers, I promise to never judge you again.
And I promise I will knock...lightly. Or maybe I'll just go away.

PPS I should tell you I also considered a sign that says "Baby sleeping, please text me at [insert phone number]." It sounded like a grand idea because Jack wouldn't make up and [bonus!] I could decide if the person at the door was worth my time getting up. But then I decided that the mail man would probably not take the time to text me and I really did want that package.

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  1. Ah! Im so sorry the stupid mailman came during nap time!!! Every single time I decide to take a nap, some telemarketer calls my parents home phone and they have one of the ones that rings, then says "call from toll free". It wakes me up every single time. Haha!

  2. Hey, I found your blog via H54F. I love the darker color of house paint. Your little guy is absolutely adorable and your blog looks like a lot of fun to read. I'm going to enjoy checking it out.

    Happy weekend,

  3. I still watch Lion King like it's released a few days ago .


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