High Five for FRIDAY!

My father-in-law has spent several hours over here this week helping us prep the exterior of our house for PAINTING tomorrow! Could not be more excited and absolutely could not be more grateful for how selfless my father-in-law is.

Daddy has been working late this week [and has to work tomorrow & possibly Sunday too, boo!] so Jack & I have had LOTS of one-on-one time. We have lots of one-on-one time every week since it's just the two of us around here during the days but this week we've had an extra helping of mommy-son time.

I watched way too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. It's such a guilty pleasure and I'm just so obsessed. But hey, lots of it was watched while riding the exercise bike.

We got a super exciting package [let's be honest - is there a time when packages aren't exciting?] from my sweet sister. It included a house-warming gift with the funniest "congratulations on your house" card I've ever read [which my sister told me she found/bought 6 years ago and has been saving for the perfect person - I feel so honored to have been chosen to receive this card!], a get-well Cold Stone gift card for Jack Jack for when he broke his leg, the sweetest letter from cousin Emma to Jack, and a belated birthday book for Jack Jack. Actually, I guess everything was belated but HEY we'll take it!

We were playing outside when the package came and when I showed Jack his new book he sat right down in the driveway to read it. Then he walked around the garage/front yard reading it over and over and over.

My parents were huge sanity-savers today when they let Jack & I join them for lunch and errands [and then some catch-up episodes of Revenge] after Jack [and I] barely slept last night, Jack was super cranky this morning and we were dying of boredom and high levels of stress being stuck in the house. I'm pretty sure I never want to live far away from home ever again.

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