High Five for Friday

And a happy one at that! T has been out of town since Sunday morning and we got to pick him up from the airport this afternoon...SO happy to have him home!
Here's our week in review :]

1. Our brother-in-law owns a fun little train that rides on some tracks in our city. He brought it down to the tracks over the weekend and invited us to come out to ride. Jack love love LOVED it. More on this fun day in a later post :]

2. Because Daddy was out of town Jack & I spent a couple nights at my parents' house so I could catch up on Revenge with my mom while Jack Jack slept. He was VERY excited to wake up one of those mornings to see the kitty in the room. I woke up to him meowing at her. He really loves that kitty.

 3. One very good reason to have children is that they make you laugh all. the. time. Jack is obsessed [really, OBSESSED] with graham crackers. If I ever leave the pantry unlocked he'll pull out the bag and bring it to me to get him one. The other day I was busy doing something and apparently wasn't fast enough in getting a graham cracker out of the what does he do? Just eat the WHOLE bag at ONCE. Ha ha ha I just about died!

4. Jack & I snuggled every night this week because I'm a baby and I don't like sleeping alone.
 Besides, who wouldn't want to wake up to a little sleeping angel?

Excuse the horrible front-facing camera iPhone quality picture.

5. I finally dug around for our fall wreath that was still packed up and got it up on our freshly painted door.
LOVE. My house is starting to feel so home-y. Come visit!

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  1. The picture of him eating the ENTIRE bag of graham crackers is hilarious!
    Seriously so precious :)
    Looks like a fun week!


  2. Stopping by from the link-up!

    1) My mom spells her name the same! Very cool :)
    2) I got a good laugh out of your son's obsession/impatience with waiting on graham crackers, hahaha
    3) How good is revenge!?! Ahhhh, love it!


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