Jack's Nursery Reveal

Finally, Jack's nursery reveal...when he's 14 months old and about to be kicked out to a big boy bedroom to make room for baby #2.
It's not even 100% done but I figure if I wait until it is I might never post about it.
It's nothing spectacular but it's cozy and we like it!
PS I'll post at the bottom where everything is from :]

Night time view...maybe you can see the curtains better.

This little buddy hid out in the closet most of the time I was taking pictures...his choice.

But then sometimes he'd just decide to get up and walk around the room right during my panoramic shot haha!

Okay I'm going to repost the top picture for reference as I list where things are from:
[going from left to right]

Picture frames on floating shelf: Thrifted, spray painted with Rustoleum Pure Gold spray paint
Rocking Chair: Thrifted, painted, reupholstered
Pillow on rocking chair: DIY
Stuffed animals: Gifts
Curtains: Ikea semi-sheer white curtains ($10 for two panels) - DIY Painted Stripes, tutorial here
Curtain Rods: DIY from PVC pipe
Crib Bedding: DIY
Area Rug: Ross ($30!)
[We left the cardboard backing off and T & my father-in-law attached supports instead. I love it so much more with the wall showing through than the cheap cardboard!]
[Top shelf] Willow Tree Guardian Musical Figurine: Gift from soccer team [one of my very favorite things in the room], Birth printable: DIY, frame: Target, owl: thrifted [still needs to be spray painted]
[2nd shelf] Cow jumping over the moon drawing: done by my seriously talented cousin, Birds: thrifted and spray painted in Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver
Wicker basket hamper: Ross
Changing table: Thrifted, painted
[seriously, the BEST set of storage baskets ever! I bought like 4 sets when we moved in and have used every single box!]
"Lead Me, Guide Me" Jesus picture: Seagull Book, Frame: Thrifted, spray painted with high gloss white
Dignitet Curtain Wire: Ikea, don't forget to also buy the clips
[this is super extendable, it comes with a TON of wire and you can cut it to be as long/short as you want!]
Family pictures by Janelle Edwards
[not pictured in the above picture] Curtains for closet: Ikea, hemmed
Curtain rod for closet: Ross
Trash Can: Walmart
Wall Paint: Wise Owl (50% color) by Kelly Moore

Like I said, a lot of stuff isn't completely done.
The bookshelf still needs a lot of work/rearranging (it's just hard when you can't use the bottom three shelves because the baby gets to everything on them), curtain rod ends need to be spray painted and put on, still considering painting the dresser a different color, needing to hem the curtains a tad so they don't drape on the ground, etc.
But we'll see when all of that gets done. This will soon be baby brother's room and we've got to get going on Jack's new big boy room!

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