Just Because I'm in Love

So obviously I'm in love with my child.
So this is simply a blog post about his cuteness.

[watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse]

He all of a sudden loves to wear sunglasses and hats and brings them to us to put on, walks around a bit, takes them off, then wants us to put them back on. It's a vicious cycle but it's so cute.

[giant blood blister, poor babe! I think his shut it in his dresser drawer]

One time Daddy squirted some whipped cream into Jack's mouth. Jack has never forgotten that heavenly taste and is ALWAYS sneaking the can out of the refrigerator whenever we open it. Usually he is rewarded for his sneakiness by a taste of this goodness. Spoiled little boy.

Daddy had the grand idea of letting Jack sit in one of these car carts at Home Depot. This baby was in HEAVEN. Why don't all stores have these?

[we've been practicing letter sounds around here with Jack's magnet letters]

[who can resist this cute laugh?]

[I honestly have the most easy-going baby on planet Earth]



  1. he seems like such a little sweetheart! and busy too! two boys will be so fun for you! you definitely have the energy to keep up with them :) i wish we were still in wymount so the boys could get together!


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