What We Wear Wednesday

I'm absolutely cheating.
This is my Tuesday outfit and I'm even posting on Tuesday and scheduling this post for Wednesday.
BUT I really do have a good excuse!
Our computer has been completely taken apart to replace the mother board but turns out the new-to-us mother board (thanks to my brother) doesn't fit in our computer case.
So now we have to order a new case and while we're waiting our computer is out of commission.
And normally I can use T's work laptop but since he is super busy at work this week & next that is not an option right now.
SO. Not that you needed all that information but there you have it.
Let me cheat in peace.

- Marci -
Top: H&M Mama
Scarf: Target
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Walmart

Where are you going?
This little kid has been go, go, go ever since that cast came off!

And this happened ALL day.
99% of the time when I put him down he cried and clung to me.
Just one of those days when everything in life is going wrong unless I'm holding him. Haha
Excuse that I'm laughing at him for being so silly!

- Jack Jack -
Top: Target
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Hand-me-downs
*I think they might be Old Navy but they're in his room and he's sleeping.

And this is the face Jack makes for the front-facing camera haha

Happy Wednesday!

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