What's in her [maternity] closet?

I have a happy announcement.
What We Wear Wednesdays is no longer.
Why is that so happy?
Because it dang stressed me out!
Making sure I had a blog-worthy outfit, with blog-worthy hair and makeup every single week was wearing me out.
Making sure Jack had a blog-worthy outfit, with blog-worthy hair, and was willing to smile for the camera on the same day that everything had to go well for me and my outfit was simply exhausting.
Not to mention the stress of NEEDING to blog on Wednesdays even if it was an especially busy day.
Being a mom [or any normal person] life just doesn't always work out to have set blog posts.
And the stress of it [as dumb as it is] was getting to me.
So one day while in the shower [don't the best ideas always come while you're in the shower? Mine do.] I made an executive decision. NO MORE [what we wear wednesdays]. Instead, I'll bring you outfit posts whenever I feel so inclined.
Sometimes you will get my outfits, some days you will get Jack outfits and some days [when he makes his appearance] you might get baby boy outfits. Most days you will probably not get us together.
Some weeks you might get three, some weeks zero.
But instead of feeling like I have to post an outfit I don't even like that much, on a day where my hair is cray-cray and my face is a hormonal pregnancy mess, I'll only have to bring you outfits that I love.
Win for me, win for you.
With that said, I bring you my first non-what-we-wear-wednesday outfit post.

Top: Lavish Maternity by Heidi Klum from Ross
Jeggings: Old Navy [same]
Cardigan: JC Penney, old
Studded flats: Walmart
Earrings: Forever21 [same - they are $2.80...go buy them!]
 Gold Glitter Bangles: Forever21 [same]
Rhinestone Spike Necklace: Forever21 [same]
Headband: Charlotte Russe, last year

Note: I am 25 weeks in these pictures.


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