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So umm I'm 29 weeks tomorrow but let's review weeks 26 & 27, shall we?
I STILL do not have a working computer which is BEYOND annoying and is why I'm so behind in blogging. So, so hoping we find the time to put it back together this weekend so I can have a computer at home during the day to blog during Jack-o-lantern's naps.

At 26 weeks:

- I can officially say my belly button has popped least as much as I think it's going to. It's more of a halfie but that happened last pregnancy too.

That's pretty much all I have to report from week 26. I'm so late in writing about it that I don't really remember anything significant. I don't think anything worth recording happened anyway!

So on to week 27...

-I saw my new OB, Dr. Melchione and I LOVE HIM. He's so personable and his bedside manner reminds me a lot of my OB I had with Jack (who I absolutely loved). He's probably the most outgoing doctor I've ever had and I really like that.  He seems to really love what he does and I love that.  He also explains everything really clearly without making you feel like he's talking down to you. One of my biggest pet peeves is when doctors talk to you like you're a little person.  Dr. Melchione and I are 100% on the same page as far as the birth plan and that is the MOST important thing to me. So I'm really happy with the switch.

- I measured 29cm at 27 weeks 2 days. Ideally, you should be measuring 27 centimeters at this point.  Dr. Melchione told me that if he didn't know my history at all he would predict I would deliver at 8.25-8.5 pound baby if I delivered on my due date just based on my measurements.  Knowing my history of having a big baby, he's estimating I will deliver a 9lb+ baby if I deliver on my due date.  Predictions are obviously just that - predictions so obviously who really knows how big the baby will be but let's just say I'm not going to be surprised if I have another chunky monkey on my hands.

- I did my two hour glucose tolerance test. BLAH. Let me just say that last time I really didn't mind it that much at all! Not that I loved the glucose drink or anything but I didn't see why people thought it was so bad. This time it was awful! Trying to down that whole bottle in 5 minutes was pure torture. Not to mention the whole experience was less than ideal. Here's how it went.

Arrived at lab, had blood drawn, downed drink in about three [horrible] minutes.

While trying to recover from the awful drink and feeling slightly sick to my stomach, a man and a woman come in who STINK. Like serious, serious B.O.! They definitely come from a culture where they don't believe in wearing deodorant. I do not kid you, it was AWFUL. The lab is pretty small so the entire place was drowning in the smell within a few minutes. I was not allowed to leave the lab during my test so I was stuck in there trying so hard to barely breathe.  This is my face during this awful smelly experience.

So these people were in the lab for only about five minutes but once they left the whole place smelled so rancid! One of the lab techs had been gone during this time and came back to the lab just a few seconds after the smelly people departed.  She walks in and goes "Why does it smell so awful in here?! I can't breathe!" and then the other lab tech proceeds to tell her about the awful smellies.  They dowsed the place in air freshener which sort of helped but it took a long time for the smell to completely dissipate.  Seriously already feeling sick mixed with serious body odor is not awesome.

An hour after my first blood draw, I had a second blood draw.  Then another hour after that, a third blood draw and then I was finally FREE TO GO! After the last blood draw the lab tech told me to consume lots of protein and no carbs. She was very specific about the whole NO CARBS thing (because it'll just process as more sugar which is the last thing you need after fasting and then drinking a straight up sugar drink and having your blood drawn three times) but guess what? The only food I had brought with me was POPTARTS. Hahaha! Pure carbs and sugar. Awesome.

BUT I was really hungry and had no other options.  So I definitely ate those Poptarts.

And then for lunch my grandparents took Jack & I to IHOP. Um you pretty much can ONLY get loads of carbs at IHOP. So I had more carbs. And then I felt sick the rest of the day.  Maybe next time I'll follow instructions a little better. On a happy note, I haven't heard from my doctor so that means I PASSED the glucose test.

-I ordered this cowl-neck maternity sweatshirt from Old Navy:

I had been on the hunt for a comfy maternity sweatshirt to wear around the house on cold winter days and my friend pinned this. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for PLUS it was on sale PLUS I had a coupon for 40% off one item. So I got it for like $11 and was SO excited for it to come in the mail. I got it a few days later and pulled it out of the box and it looked HUGE. I checked the tag to see if they sent me the right size and sure enough it was an I tried it on despite it looking ginormous. Umm...

HAHAHA there is NO way this will ever fit me! Even at 40 weeks! Needless to say, it was mailed back. And I'm back on the hunt for a maternity sweatshirt. Why are they so hard to find?!

- I dressed up as a basketball for our church Halloween party. It was the ONLY time in my pregnancy I wished I was a little bigger. My ball looked sort of deflated :]

- I went on two 5+ mile walks with my mama.
- I am somewhere between +18 and +20 pounds for weight gain.
- And the happiest news? THIRD TRIMESTER.

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  1. i am laughing so hard over that sweater incident!! hahaha it's huge!! you look great!


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