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Sorry I have been so MIA from the blogging world.  Our last couple weeks have been sad and blogging about regular stuff has been the last thing on my mind. But I'm going to start playing catch-up now.  I'm 31 weeks so I'm quite behind in my pregnancy posts but here's 28 & 29 weeks!

At 28 weeks:

-I realized that we only have 12 weeks left (maximum!) until this little boy joins us. I sort of started to freak out that life with two kidlets was coming TOO fast! I told T that for the first time in pregnancy I wanted time to slow down!

-I squeezed into non-maternity clothes TWICE. Once because we were headed to the temple and I forgot my ONE maternity dress got dirty on Sunday (thanks, Jack, for rubbing your graham crackers all over me). So I had to wear a non-maternity dress. Umm it was SO uncomfortable, I could barely breathe!

The second time because we had tickets to the Kings home opener and I wanted to wear my Kings jersey, obviously. It's a kids' medium ha ha ha! I wore it anyway. Definitely not as uncomfortable as my non-maternity dress.

-I planked twice, did the Blogilates Love Handle Hysteria video (btw I LOVE Blogilates and Cassey Ho but let me just say that her workouts are KILLER and when you are trying to do them while pregnant - they're NOT made for pregnant women - they are EVEN MORE KILLER. I have to modify the workouts a little bit sometimes for the pregnancy but I'm telling you that you will get a GOOD workout with Cassey!), went on a few walks, rode my stationary bike, and did my arm workouts. Pretty proud of my exercise this week.

-I guess all that exercising is paying off because a cashier at Michael's told me I was TINY for being 28 weeks pregnant. I'm pretty sure nobody ever told me I was tiny when I was pregnant with Jack. Just wait for my 29 week side by side picture and you'll see why.

At 29 weeks:

-Remember how I said time was going too fast? I took it back. I suddenly got hit with Restless Leg Syndrome (I forgot how annoying it is!) and general achiness.  I had a few nights of very restless sleep. Not fun. Time can speed up now.

-I took my first bath in over a year. 
While I anticipated it being luxurious and relaxing (doesn't it look like it would be with the white cherry blossom bubble bath?), I actually didn't even really enjoy it all that much.
Pregnant baths just aren't the same.  In a normal sized tub like we have, half your belly sticks out so you're not even completely submerged in the water which sort of makes you cold.  On top of that you're not allowed to have the water too hot so you don't overheat since that's not good for the babe. So the general rule of thumb is you shouldn't have to ease your body into the water. If you know me you know I love a scalding hot shower (or bath). Like scalding hot. Like I'm red when I get out. It's probably sort of dangerous haha. Also. A tub really isn't that comfortable so when you're pregnant and already uncomfortable laying in a hard tub is just not ideal. I decided I won't be taking another bath anytime in the next couple months. The shower I took after the bath was 10x more luxurious.

-Restless leg syndrome continues. When I lay down at night I just want to KICK my legs.  It drives me nuts!
-Still round ligament pains. Boo, they hurt :[
-Since I'm obviously obsessed with side-by-side pictures...
this one is my "official" 29 week photo with Jack vs 29 weeks now.
I don't feel like this really accurately shows how much smaller I am this time around. But the next picture DEFINITELY shows a good difference. I'm actually 28 weeks with Jack on the left and the right is the same 29 week picture (this pregnancy) as above.
I was SO FAT!! It's embarrassing to even post this picture but it reminds me how all the exercising is worth it. Sometimes it can get really discouraging when you are exercising every day and the numbers on the scale continue to creep up. Obviously you want weight gain when you're expecting but that doesn't make it easy! So seeing that even though I'm gaining weight I still LOOK better than I did last time around when I didn't exercise at all makes me feel a lot better.



  1. Oh my gosh! I've had restless leg syndrome a few times, and it lasts for a few days and I only notice it in bed when I'm trying to sleep. When it happens, it feels like someone is stroking my calf with a feather and if I rub it, the feeling never goes away. No matter what I do, it is so uncomfortable and keeps me up for hours! So annoying!


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