Halloween Review

Even though both T & Jack were sick we had a fun Halloween! Jack Jack dressed up as Peter Pan and I have to say that he was the cutest little Peter I ever saw!

Here's his costume right after I finished it...minus the sword isn't in this picture...ahem, and please excuse my toesies. Here's a quick break-down of where all the pieces of the costume came from:

Hat: DIY'd from this tutorial that I found on Pinterest [it's really easy!]
Shirt: Small t-shirt from Michaels, cut up to make it Peter Pan-ish
Belt: DIY'd, most basic sash ever.
Moccasins: Minnetonka from Amazon. Find them here. Hint: Order a size down. Jack is in a size 4 shoes right now and the size 3 moccasins fit him. PS He will wear these all winter long, they are NOT just reserved for the costume. The costume was just a good excuse to buy them :]
Tights: Target girls' section in the smallest size which is a 4-6. Jack is 15 months and they fit fine.
Sword: DIY'd from this pattern found on Pinterest. 

Here's our little Peter!

 Last week we went to our church Halloween party and had fun pictures taken at the photo booth. Unfortunately, Jack-o-lantern wouldn't keep his hat on.

On Halloween we took Jack out trick-or-treating even though he was getting over a cold. It's still pretty warm here and we knew he wouldn't last long anyway. He LOVED trick-or-treating! We didn't go with any other kids and Jack got SO much attention at every door we knocked on! People just loved him! He was mistaken for Robin Hood about 100 times but Peter Pan & Robin Hood wear the same thing so it's understandable. Jack Jack even learned how to say "thank you" while trick-or-treating. So cute!
Oh - and we were able to get his hat on without him noticing so it stayed on the whole time we trick-or-treated! Perfect!

So excited!

We went trick-or-treating to both grandparents' houses and as soon as the doors opened Jack headed right in which is so funny since he didn't try to go into anybody else's house.  I guess he knows he's allowed inside Grandma & Grandpa's houses.
...and he's immediately off to find the cars.

Turns out Peter Pan likes cars just as much as Jack Jack!

So...this is the ONLY family picture we got on Halloween night. So sad!

But I made T pose for about a million pictures of the two of us. He hated me by the third picture. I got about a million comments on my basketball baby...thanks to my little sister for the idea. I think I've seen every pregnancy costume idea there is and this one was by far the easiest...and apparently very humorous to lots of people (especially with my basketball husband)!

 On a side parents had a tree removed from their front yard last week and they had the idea to put body parts in the dug-up yard to make it more festive instead of just an eye-sore [the caution tape is up as part of the tree-removal]. It was such a good idea and while we were walking up to their house we heard some little kids talking about it. They were so amused and one of them said "Wow! They dug up their yard!" Hahaha!

 We tried really hard to get a good picture of our little Peter at Grandma & Grandpa Wallace's but he would NOT keep his hat on and was way too interested in playing with cars.

Oh and PS Daddy is not flipping Jack off in the last picture...he was snapping to try to get him to look up. But I about died when I saw this picture and couldn't resist posting ha ha!

Overall, we had a really fun Halloween and I can't believe next year we'll have TWO little boys to dress up and take out!


  1. One of the best, funniest posts ever! haha! I love tom flipping jack off! And good job Mom and Dad! So creative!!
    And how jack just walks into mom and dad's house--that killed me! hahaha!!!

  2. i LOVE jacks costume!! i'm gonna steal it for lincoln next year! it's adorable! and you and tom look so great too, your belly is the perfect size!


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