Keep Fighting, Dad!

This is a post I wish I wasn't writing. It's certainly not a post I anticipated I would be writing.
Our hearts are heavy today as we found out yesterday afternoon that T's dad suffered a massive heart attack while at work.  The first report I got from my SIL was that the doctors said he was "barely hanging on" and we should come to the hospital.
Making the call to T that his dad had suffered a heart attack is definitely the worst call I've ever had to make. I hope to never have to make a call like that again.  T left work immediately, came home to pick up me & Jack and we headed to the ER.
There was a lot of waiting with bits & pieces of information coming in. Mostly we were just in shock that this could be happening.  Dad is only 67 years old and so healthy! How does someone like that all of a sudden suffer a massive heart attack?  Jack & I were just over for dinner on Monday and everything was perfectly normal, perfectly perfect.
And suddenly boom. Your world is turned upside down.
After some time in the ER, Dad was moved to the ICU and the family brought to the hospital chapel where we had a family prayer and spent the rest of the evening offering support to each other as we waited, waited, waited.
That's what we're still doing 24 hours later. Waiting.  And praying.
The doctors have been cooling Dad's body for the last 24 hours to preserve the brain.  In the next hour they'll begin warming him.  Tomorrow there will be a neurological assessment to determine his brain activity level.
After that we wait some more and continue to hope and pray that Dad pulls through this.
From what we've been told his heart attack was so massive that it's a miracle he made it to the hospital.  It's also a miracle and huge blessing that there was a customer in Dad's store who was a nurse and began chest compressions immediately after he collapsed.  We 100% believe in miracles and are hoping for a few more to come this way.

At this time I am just so, so grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  We believe in life after death.  We also believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.  We know that Heavenly Father has a plan for Dad and we trust that everything will work out as He sees fit.  While we hope and pray that Dad comes through this and spends several more years here on the Earth with us, we are comforted with the knowledge that if Heavenly Father chooses to take him that it was his time to go and that his life's work is complete.  Dad is an amazing man and has rendered so much service in his lifetime.  He has great things waiting for him in heaven when his time comes.

There are so many more things I could say regarding small details of the situation but I don't feel that it's necessary to do so.
Mostly I want to record how strong our testimonies of the gospel are at this time and how much we love Dad.
We're not quite ready to let this amazing man go.
Jack Jack is waiting to play again...and wear your hats since apparently he does that a lot.

So keep on fighting, Dad. We're rooting for you.


  1. This is beautiful Marci! Thank you for your wonderful insight and words. Love, Aunt Sue

  2. my heart hurts for such a wonderful family. sending so many prayers and so much love your way. love you all. What a wonderful man he is.


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