I haven't done a regular update in more than two weeks. So this is about to be the most all-over-the-place blog post you've ever read. Don't worry, there are only like 67 pictures. HA. Sorry in advance :]
Here's what we've been up to...

Wednesdays in our house are pretty exciting. Because it's TRASH DAY. And Jack just loves to watch the trash truck. It makes for very happy early afternoons.

He watches the truck go all the way down the street and loves every minute. He says "wow!" and "whoa!" over and over again. Everyday things are so fascinating to a one-year-old.

We spent many [sad and long] days in the hospital and Jack Jack was a real trooper.
Look how tired the poor little bugger was after 8+ straight hours at the hospital.

He took lots of super mini naps.

And explored the halls [and got extreme amounts of attention from anyone he passed].

And stopped many times to window shop at the gift shop.
There are cars in that window...Jack was in heaven.

 We spent time with cousins and became best friends with cousin Cameron (who's holding him).

 After many long days Jack Jack spent lots of time laying around the house.
He laid on our pillows on the ground while we got ready in the morning

watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the couch while I rode the stationary bike

 and relaxed on the floor by me while I did my arm workouts.

We've gotten to join my parents for lunch and errands a few times in the last couple weeks.

Jack Jack had a grand time watching Daddy mow the lawn.

Let me tell you that he LOVES looking out that bay window at anything going on outside.  These pictures reminded me of one I took just a few weeks ago of Jack Jack watching Grandpa Wallace trim our lawn. We don't have a edger and asked to borrow his but he just did it for us while T was at work. Seriously, this is just one perfect example of how sweet and selfless he was.

 Even though Jack had re-learned to sleep in his own crib all night just a few weeks ago we are now back to him sleeping in our bed many nights. We've decided there will be no more attempts at getting him to sleep in his own crib all night. We've tried too many times and then we always somehow end back up at square one. So from now on he'll just get to come to bed with us whenever he wakes up at night. Luckily he has been sleeping some nights in his crib and only coming into our bed about half the time instead of every single night. Here's to hoping this solves itself pretty soon before we have two littles in bed with us every night...waking each other up!
 How can you tell this little face "no," anyway?

The babe is usually not much of a trouble maker but he definitely has his moments.
Like the time I was on the exercise bike and turned around to find this.
We have to be really diligent about closing the dishwasher ALL THE WAY so it latches otherwise he's opening it and pulling stuff out. He thinks he's being helpful.

He finally learned how to sit himself in Grandma's baby Adirondack chairs and now he sits down/stands up about a million times in a row.

He's so proud of himself for figuring it out.

And he finds lots of different ways to sit in them.
And while his cousin, Mitchell, was visiting (they're 24 days apart, so fun!) they sat in them together and watched TV. How cute are they?!

Our good friends, Camden & Etta, drove all the way from New Mexico for the funeral.
And they brought their precious baby girl, Megan.
We haven't seen C&E since we both moved away from Utah a year and a half ago and we've never gotten to meet Megan so it was SO fun to see them all! Jack and Megan are 3.5 months apart and had a grand old time playing together at the park.

 Grandma & Grandpa Wallace's trees shed leaves like CRAZY. Now that Grandpa Wallace isn't here to clean them up we've all taken turns attacking the beast. T let all the cousins come jump in his leaves after he raked them up...they pretty much were in heaven.

Jack Jack got PINK EYE.

I wasn't too worried about it besides the fact that we had been around cousins A LOT and I was afraid it was going to spread like nobody's business. We got eye drops from my SIL right away since her little girl had just gotten over pink eye and so Jack's eye cleared up pretty fast.  Luckily no other cousins got it...but Jack's other eye did! AH. They are both cleared up now though and let me just say that he was one million times better at getting eye drops than I ever am!

Jack got his hands on a GameBoy and was pretty enthralled.

And then got loads of attention from several cousins while he "played."

 The day of the funeral was such a long day and the next day Jack was just pooped all day. He fell asleep sitting up at church and then fell asleep within seconds of sitting on the couch with Daddy after church.

And fell asleep in the car pretty much anytime we went anywhere this week. Playing catch up, obviously!

And just because he's so cute sleeping with his little bum in the air...

And then all week when he woke up from naps I found him just reading in his crib. He didn't even want to come out!

This little babe has been such a cuddle bug all week. After his bath he didn't even want to get dressed. So we cuddled in his towel while rocking.

I'm in charge of planning activities twice a month for the 8-11 year old girls at our church.  Yesterday we visited the Sacramento LDS temple grounds. It's seriously so pretty at night with the lighted waterfalls. I don't think T & I have ever taken Jack to temple grounds and he thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. We decided we'll be taking him more often.

This morning I woke up with a goopy, swollen, watery, PINK eye. AHH.
Luckily I still had those drops so I mustered all my courage and had T put one in my eye. He was so proud of me because it only took one try with no screaming! Those drops must work fast because my eye is already looking pretty much 100% better. I think I'll still suffer through a few more eye drops before I call it quits but I'm definitely not doing it 3-4x a day for 5 days. HA yeah right.

After my shower this morning I saw THIS.
Even though there was no little person hanging out in the bathroom when I got out I'm pretty sure this toilet paper didn't unroll itself. I'm guessing my little person is the culprit but he was smart enough to be out of the room when I discovered it. Sneaky.

This morning we got to go play with cousin Hayden while Grandma went to a neighbor's funeral.  These two are sometimes best friends and sometimes do not get along so well. Today they were [mostly] best friends. They both put buckets on their heads and ran around for several minutes giggling like baboons.

 This was all done with absolutely no encouragement from me. Silly boys.

Jack pretty much likes to copy everything Hayden does.

Mom Wallace & I just got finished raking leaves for like...two hours. Or what felt like two hours, at least. I have no idea how Dad Wallace wasn't cursing those trees every fall.

Tonight T, Jack & I are headed to a Thanksgiving dinner party with Tom's work team.
AND. The most exciting news of all exciting news?
Oh my goodness. When was the last time I had him all to myself for 10 DAYS?!
Forever ago. I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited.
SO excited.

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