Our week in review

Let's review last was a good one!

We had the HAPPIEST of Monday's! T had been sick for a few days but headed to work like a trooper on Monday morning.  Jack & I dropped him off because we had some errands to run and needed the car.  An hour after we had dropped him off, T called and asked if I could come get him.  He still wasn't feeling well and his co-workers didn't want to get sick.
You have no idea how excited I was! Sometimes being sick pays off. Even though he had a lot of work to do and was going to have to work from home it was SO fun to have Daddy home for the day!  This is Jack's happy face when I loaded him up and told him we were going to get Dada:

Jack & I left for about an hour in the afternoon to watch Jack's cousin, Hayden. Jack LOVES playing with Hayden so he was in heaven. When we got back I found T like this:

So while Daddy & Jack napped I worked on a little Christmas project for Jack Jack while watching Say Yes to the Dress [of course!]. Can I just say that I just finished every episode on Netflix this week? So sad!

Later that night Jack Jack got to wear his new jammies from Grandma & Grandpa Davis which he LOVES because there's a firetruck on them. And we discovered he loves to pose for the camera when it flashes. He sees that little red light blink and totally cheeses up for the flash.

After he had gone to bed and slept for an hour, little Jack woke up crying [he's sick too, poor little buddy] so we got him out of bed to give him medicine and let him watch TV with us for a little bit. And he saw the camera and wanted to take more pictures. So we pretty much had a family selfie photo would roll your eyes at how amused T & I were at Jack cheesing for every picture. But the flash is really bright so his eyes are closed in most ha ha

 It's a good thing it was such a happy Monday because we decided in the middle of the night that we were going to enforce Jack staying in his crib all night instead of coming into bed with us like we've gotten in the horrible habit of doing the last month.  He cried from 1am-5am. So our Tuesday didn't start out so great. He was SO tired in the morning from being up for 4 hours (we were exhausted too!) that he fell asleep within the first five minutes of our walk...that NEVER happens!

He refused naps on Tuesday too and spent most of the day shirtless since he couldn't breathe and was soaking his shirts with drool and snot...sick.

Look at this poor sick babe!...and still smiling :]

T showed up at home at lunch time on Tuesday, still not feeling well and needing more rest. Two part days at the office in a ROW?! I was in heaven!
After T rested up, he & I went on a date to the temple which always makes for a great night!

Isn't it gorgeous at night!?

Daddy showed Jack the light switch on the oven this week. I knew that was a mistake as soon as it happened but I was too late to stop it. Now Jack is always flipping the oven light on and off and it's not uncommon for me to walk into the kitchen and find the oven light on several times throughout the day. I guess we'll be replacing the oven light bulb pretty frequently!

This little bugger climbed into his dump truck...and then couldn't get out.

And on Wednesday night T & I went to the Kings home opener! It was so much fun and a super exciting game! We originally planned to take Jack but he was still sick so we left him with Grandma & Grandpa.

...but we did bring glow sticks home for Jack Jack and he LOVED them.

Have I told you that Jack LOVES wearing sunglasses and hats all of a sudden? He brings them to us to put them on, walks around awhile, takes it off, repeat, repeat, repeat.
On Friday he wanted to wear his shades while eating his graham crackers. And then he waved at me while I took a million pictures. I'm like his personal paparazzi.

Oh. And we took a little walk to the park on Friday and Jack discovered the water fountain. It's apparently the coolest thing at the whole park, don't you know?

Even though our week was nothing super exciting [besides T working part days two days in a ROW!] it was such a happy week!
I love my life :]

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