30 & 31

Sad day.
There are no pictures for weeks 30-31.
They were lost in the external hard drive disaster :[
Aaaand I'm pretty far behind since I'm almost 35 weeks.
But here's what happened during weeks 30 and 31.

At 30 weeks...
-Changing diapers on the floor started to get really hard. My belly is getting too big for that!
-I had a doctor appointment. My weight was up 19 pounds overall and down one pound from my last weigh-in at 27 weeks.  So in three weeks I lost a pound.  This is the week Dad Wallace had his heart attack and the weight loss was due to the stress of the situation.  My doctor wasn't concerned once he knew what was going on.
-I measured 29 cm which is the same I measured at 27 weeks.  The doctor also wasn't concerned about this as I was still feeling the baby moving frequently and had no cramping, bleeding, or other concerning symptoms.

At 31 weeks...
-I developed a cough which was completely miserable! Sleeping was almost impossible since I was coughing all night long. And the worst part about a cough in late pregnancy? You pee your pants a little every time you cough. HA. SO ANNOYING.
-Started having upper back pain at night. So uncomfortable.
-Hip pain (right side only) every night.
Really, week 31 was a miserable week.  I was so worried I'd feel miserable the next 9 weeks but luckily week 31 was by far the worst week of my pregnancy (and I'm almost 35 weeks now). Just one miserable week is not so bad!

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