32. 33. 34.

At 32 weeks...

 -Major restless leg syndrome. I feel like kicking my legs all night long!
-Back and hip pain every night still.
-Still coughing. Asked my doctor at my appointment what I can take over the counter and he said I could take Robitussin DM. So I got some of that which got me through the last few miserable days of my cough.
-Blood pressure was 92/58.
-I'm up 23 pounds overall. Up 4 pounds from 30 weeks but just 3 pounds from 28 weeks. Remember because I lost a pound between weeks 27-30?
-Measuring 32cm.
-Baby's HB is 145.

Because we know I love side-by-sides.
Left is 32 weeks with Jack, right is 32 weeks now.

Oh, and my belly is so tiny when I'm laying down! I hope that's a tiny baby balled up in there!

At 33 weeks...

-My cough is finally GONE! Hallelujah!
-No more back and hip pain at night. Hallelujah x2!
-Leggings are way more comfortable than jeans.

 -Three people at Tom's work party told me I was SO small for being 33 weeks. I NEVER heard anything like that with Jack! It's so exciting! I like it a lot better than "you still have 7 weeks left?! You look like you are about to pop!" I heard that all the time with Jack. All. The. Time.
Please be small, baby. Please be small.
This is my mantra.

At 34 weeks...

-Did I mention I'm seeing the doctor every two weeks? AH!
-Blood pressure is 106/58.
-Didn't gain any weight since 32 weeks. Still at +23 overall. That is 20lb less than I ended up gaining with Jack. No way I'm gaining 20 more pounds between now and delivery so HALLELUJAH. Exercise during pregnancy works, my friends.
-I'm sooo much more comfortable than I was at 31-32 weeks. Haven't had hip or back pain in a couple weeks. Getting up only once per night to use the bathroom. Sleeping great. No cough.
-I'm also so much more comfortable than I was with Jack at this point. I can still sit up straight while driving whereas with Jack I had to have my seat reclined because my belly was so big it was uncomfortable to sit up straight. It's not easy to bend over but it's easier than it was with Jack. I'm seriously just way more comfortable.
-I get back cramps 3-4 times a day. If I walk any more than a quarter mile then cramps really kick in. Otherwise it's just random. Usually they continue for 30 minutes or so then subside. I wouldn't mind them so much if I was closer to my due date and there was a possibility they were doing something! But I'm pretty sure these are merely Braxton Hicks and totally pointless. Which is annoying.

I cannot believe there are just 5.5 weeks left until my due date! I don't think I'm ready! The holidays are definitely making the end of the pregnancy fly by which is so nice.
I'm way less prepared this time around than I was with Jack. I know I still have 5 weeks left but I haven't even thought about getting the baby's clothes out or making sure I have newborn diapers or anything. I'm pretty sure at this point with Jack I was already packed for the hospital. HA. Not even considering packing anytime soon. Maybe I should make a list sometime in the next few weeks though just in case he comes early and I need to throw a bag together really quick. I've had three people tell me in the last few weeks about how their  babies were due mid-January and arrived late December. That's like in the next 2 or 3 weeks if that happened to me! Pretty sure I won't be so lucky though.
Here's to the last 5.5 weeks (or less?) of pregnancy!


  1. I just cannot believe how tiny you are! GO you!

  2. Marci, you are looking great! Just a few short weeks left! I seriously thought going from one to two was easier than 0 to 1. You are going to be a pro!


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