35 & 36


At 35 weeks:

-Turning over in bed is becoming quite difficult! The baby is so big in there!
-I've suddenly been getting up to use the bathroom at night 10x more than before. Okay, that's exaggerating a bit but I was only getting up once a night (on average) and suddenly I've been needing to get up 3-4 times  a night. And when I wake up it's like I don't even know if I'm going to make it to the bathroom (which is 10 feet away) because I have to go THAT bad. Haha!
-TWICE I came close to passing out. Once I was at the hospital visiting my grandpa and suddenly got very light headed while standing by his bed.  Everything went black for a few seconds and I had to sit down right away. I felt a little woozy for the rest of the night.  The second time I was doing my makeup and, again, I suddenly got very lightheaded, vision started blurring and I felt dizzy.  So I hurried to sit down on my bed before I passed out! I'm pretty sure I have a bad habit of locking my knees when I stand in one place for too long.
-I got another cold which is SO annoying. It's #4 for this pregnancy. Colds when you're pregnant are the worst because there is nothing you can take for them! Plus I've been coughing like crazy and it's so hard to not pee your pants when you cough while pregnant haha! TMI?

And, of course, a side-by-side. Left is me with Jack and 35 weeks. Right is 35 weeks now.

At 36 weeks...

-Home stretch! Last month! Now at the point where I'm seeing the doctor on a weekly basis!
-At my 36 week appointment my BP was 112/68, weight is +24 overall (gained 1 lb in the last two weeks), baby's heart beat sounds great!
-Baby is head down! Good news.
-Doctor wants to induce at 39 weeks if my cervix is ripe and ready! They want to avoid a problem of delivering a large baby. When the doctor felt my belly he said "You appear small but I think that's ALL baby in there!" I think he's thinking I might have another big one baking. I'm hoping for a seven pounder but we shall see.
-I'm 1cm dilated and still thick.

-I've had some back cramping on and off but nothing regular.
-I also had some front contractions for about an hour on the way home from picking my little sister up from the Oakland airport. But again - nothing regular.

-The baby is starting to feel REALLY heavy in my pelvis. I'm hoping this means his head is engaging and he's getting ready to exit that comfy womb!

-I'm feeling ready to not be pregnant anymore but I'm not so sure I'm actually ready for the baby yet.  We still need to get Jack's new room ready! And pull out all the newborn stuff. And pack our hospital bags. HA. Basically, we've done nothing to prepare. And we are just 3 weeks and 2 days away from my due date!

Just a few more pregnancy updates to go and then little man #2 should be here!

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