A mini random update.

This is one of those random update blog posts.
But it's a mini one, I promise.

Jack Jack thinks it's cool to try on my suntan goggles.
It's fine, I haven't used them in years anyway.

We picked up THIS GIRL from the Oakland airport for the holidays!
Sooo happy to have Aunt Jamie in town for a couple weeks!
Seriously, I was SO excited to see this girl's cute face!

Jack seriously LOVES Daddy and wants to do everything Daddy does.
I'm pretty sure he thought he was actually playing Guitar Hero.

Look at that concentration!

Came across this picture of me and the little sis and I seriously love it haha!
Disneyland, so many years ago.

Two missionaries for our church live with my parents.
For Christmas they got a TON of candy in packages from their family and friends back home.  One of the Elders got these HUGE Reese's Peanut Butter cups and decided to donate them to the community candy bowl for everyone to share. If you knew my obsession with Reese's, you would know how excited I was! Seriously, look how HUGE these things are!

Heaven in my hand.
Don't worry, I sliced it up and only had a small piece.
A very delicious small piece!

Leatherby's is pretty much always a must whenever someone is visiting.
My sisters are both in town as is my aunt from San Diego.
So Leatherby's it was.
And it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of our ice cream but just look how much Jack Jack loves Grandpa!

 PS that Raiders sweatshirt was a Christmas present and Jack loves it.
Even though it has no picture of a football he somehow knows that the Raiders logo means football.
So all day he pointed at it and said "butball, butball!"
Daddy has trained him well.
Our little sports lover, I tell you.

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