Christmas Festivities

So while I've been MIA from the blogging world, we have been enjoying so many Christmas festivities!

We saw the Christmas lights on Agena Court which is pretty much a must-do every year. Every house is DECKED out and it's crazy how many people come to look at them. We took Jack last year but he didn't really get it. This time he was a bit more enthralled.

We did our annual Christmas caroling with the Wallace clan. The kids LOVE this tradition! It's so fun!

We went to our church Christmas breakfast and Santa Claus came for a visit!
Jack Jack was so excited to see him at first and waved hello to him but once we put him on Santa's lap he was a little unsure. He has this new thing where he pulls at his hair when he's nervous or shy. You'll see plenty of it in these Santa pictures ha!

A couple weeks ago we went to PwC's family Christmas party which the littles are invited to.  The next weekend T & I got a night away for the adult Christmas party.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  It was a fun date night with my very favorite man :]

Of course I first had to take pictures with my favorite little man before we left him with Grandma & Grandpa for the evening.
That little face!

Shameless selfie in the party destination lobby.
Okay, so it wasn't completely shameless.
When I heard someone coming down the elevator I quickly sat down. Haha!
They had a fun photo booth at the party and apparently I'm kind of photo booth retarded.

Even though Tom really didn't want to go back to the photo booth I made him.
I had to have pictures where I looked a little less photo booth handicapped.

When the "dance" part of the party started they handed out these really fun light up orbs. We weren't going to stay for the partying but we knew we had to grab some of those for Jack. So we did. And he loved them just as much as we thought he would.

He could run around in the dark with those things forever!

We do a Christmas advent of opening a Christmas book every night for the first 24 nights of December. Then we read the book as a family before bed. Jack LOVES opening the books every night and even though he doesn't sit still while we read them, it's still a fun tradition.

 Here's to hoping your holiday season was filled with lots of fun traditions!

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