Grandpa Davis

My sweet, dear Grandpa passed away last week after being on life support for 12 days.
He suffered a massive heart attack on Saturday, December 7 and it was finally determined on Thursday, December 19 that he did not have any brain activity.  For that reason, the decision was made to have him removed from life support that night and he passed early in the morning on December 20th.

It has been hard to lose another one of my hero's after just losing my father-in-law (also to a sudden, massive heart attack) just six weeks ago.  However, I am comforted by my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and that I will see my grandpa again one day.  I know he is happy on the other side of the veil.  I know he has been reunited with his son that he lost to cancer 20 years ago.  I know he has been reunited with his parents. I know that he is still with us in spirit.  My heart aches for our loss but I have faith in Heavenly Father's plan for us and know that it was his time to return home.

We made my grandma a book of remembrance of my grandpa for Christmas.  Each of my siblings and I included some words of remembrance.  I decided to write and include the following.  Maybe it will give you some insight into the type of man my grandpa was:

Grandpa of Mine

A grandpa so loving
So tender and kind.
A man of great valor,
this Grandpa of mine.

A grandpa so funny
so playful, so fun.
His smile so bright
it outshone the sun.

A grandpa so caring
So willing to serve.
He loved us immeasurably
without any reserve.

A husband so loyal
A father so proud.
A man to compare
is hard to be found.

A life lived with purpose
with many worthwhile goals.
Surely God will be pleased
and welcome him to His fold.

We'll miss our dear grandpa
but these memories we'll hold
so deep in our hearts
they'll never dissolve.

And while we'll miss this sweet grandpa
Truth, be it told:
He's returned home to heaven
and found his reward.

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