I'm baaack.

Oh, hello.
I know I've been MIA for awhile but I have lots of good excuses.
The reason I went MIA in the first place is because I dropped my external hard drive (while prepping to update the blog one day) and...I lost everything.
Seriously, everything.
My laptop was giving out so I took everything off of it and put it onto said hard drive. EVERYTHING. And permanently deleted everything from the laptop.  And then our desktop computer was having issues so we were going to reformat it. So we needed to take everything off. So then I took everything off that computer and put it all onto the hard drive. I repeat - EVERYTHING. And then wiped the computer. Since both computers have been out of service for a couple months I've been putting all my pictures, documents, etc onto this hard drive. And fell off the computer desk. Like two and a half feet. And then refused to connect to the computer after that. So everything is GONE. I'm still hoping for a miracle and praying that one day it will just randomly boot up long enough for me to grab all my stuff off of it. At this point I'm so past even caring that we bought it one year ago on Black Friday for a killer deal of $100 (it has 3T of space!).  All I care about is having my pictures and movies back!
Anyway...I was so bummed about losing everything that I didn't feel like blogging. Not to mention most of the stuff I was going to blog about now has no pictures to go along with it.
Then my phone started loading up with pictures again so I was getting ready to suck it up and get back to blogging.
And then my grandpa had a heart attack last Saturday.
And so I've been a little preoccupied.
Every day there seems to be a little bit of improvement which is good but we still don't know if he's going to make a full recovery or not.
I will blog some updates on that later, including all my favorite pictures of my grandpa that are hopefully somewhere on my blog since, ya know, I lost everything on my hard drive.

So anyway I'm so behind that I'm just going to do one of those random posts with all the pictures currently sitting on my phone taking up all my space.  And then I'll go back and do my pregnancy posts that I'm so far behind on. So apologizing in advance for this random blog post and a million others about to be posted all in the same day.

So my brother, Ryan, & his wife, Rachel were in town for Thanksgiving.
Most fun week ever!
I miss those two like crazy! When we all lived in Utah we used to get together 2-3 times a week to hang out/play games/eat dinner. They were like our best friends. And now we live two states away. It's so sad!
So of course we played a million games while they were here.
Like Skip-Bo.

And Imaginiff.

And loaded questions.
And a night of chicken foot at Grandma & Grandpa's.
We even had a winners round and a losers round after the first round.
I was in the winners round but I'm pretty sure I was the loser of the winners round haha!

We also played pivot ball.
Which I always suck at.
But I especially suck when I'm pregnant.
It was still fun.
Oh and Jack was hilarious. He's like obsessed, like seriously OBSESSED, with Uncle Chris. When you get out in pivot ball you sit down on the sideline. Every time Chris got out and sat down, Jack would go to wherever he was and sit by him. So cute.

Then once Chris got up, Jack got up too and followed him around trying to catch him.

Ryan & Rachel came with us and took family pictures for us for our Christmas card.
 Thanks to Kelli for letting us borrow your sweet camera.
PS my bum doesn't really have a box shape. I left my phone in my pocket during pictures. Oops.

We went to the fish hatchery with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their three kids.
In all my years of living in Sacramento I've never been!
It's so cool and Jack loved seeing all the fish!

He was a pro at feeding the fish!

We decorated for Christmas and were extra ghetto for a week while we hunted for stocking holders.
We've never had a fireplace mantel to hang our stockings from so we've never owned stocking holders.
While we were looking for some we got creative and hung our stockings from the xbox, cable box, and an xbox controller. HAHA.

The xbox controller is my favorite.

Don't worry, we have real stocking holders now.
We put up our Christmas tree while Jack was sleeping. He woke up later in the night and I was so excited since I wanted to get him out of bed to look at it! He loves it and is so good about not taking any ornaments off.

He also loves our little snowman who sings and dances.

When Jack gets cranky during church we play with dumb iPhone apps and turn him into Santa Claus. HAHA.

My mom & dad "hire" me every year to do their Christmas shopping and wrapping. It's a win-win situation. My mom hates shopping and wrapping and I LOVE it. So I get to shop twice as much as I normally would (using someone else's money) and I get to wrap twice as much as I otherwise would! It's the best arrangement.

This is my first stack of wrapped gifts for my parents:

And here's the second:

 And don't worry, there was a third stack too and other presents here and there.
It's a lot of shopping and wrapping.
And I don't mind one bit!

PS Look at our tree from the outside!
LOVE that bay window.
Love this house.

And just about a million pictures of this little boy enjoying the tree.

Oh, and he also loves our three trees outside.
Yeah, they're really reflections but he doesn't know that.

Have I mentioned that he loves apples?
Just sitting on the ground enjoying my bowl of apples, Mama.

 We went shopping at the mall last week and Jack was in heaven in Victoria's Secret.
Haha! Boys will be boys, I guess!

 I just have to tell you how much I love finding pictures Jack takes on my phone.
They're usually equally awesome to this picture of T's leg haha.
And there's like at least 50 of the same shot every time.

 We have frequent kitty visitors in our backyard.
T HATES it but Jack absolutely loves it!

Last weekend we got to go to T's work Christmas party for kids.
Santa Clause came! Jack wasn't so sure at first but he sat on his lap without crying. We never got a smile but at least there were no tears!

On Saturday, Jack Jack got his first ever professional haircut!
And maybe his last too since it cost us $10 after a $5 off coupon.
Seriously, $15 for a haircut for a one year old!?
But she did a way better job than I ever do.
Plus there were no tears which is also something that never happens when I cut his hair.

He loves to wear Santa hats.
For two seconds.
And he loves Santa [maybe not the real guy but he likes pictures and figurines!]
He's always saying "HO HO HO!"

Don't worry.
I wrapped this EMPTY BOX while preoccupied talking to my little sister on the phone.
HA. I was so mad since it was perfectly wrapped haha.

Look at this cute sleeping face!
Nevermind that he ends up in our bed every. single. night.

 There's a house by the hospital where my grandpa's at that is LIT UP.
We took Jack to see it and I'm pretty sure he was in heaven.

We also took him to see the Fab 40s lights which he LOVED.
The whole time we heard "whoa. wow."

 How I'm not +40 pounds so far this pregnancy I don't know.
Because I'm pretty sure I eat as unhealthy as possible.
I wanted an M&M mcflurry the other day and instead decided to buy some vanilla ice cream and m&m's so I could have one every day. Haha.

Don't worry, though. I bought the ingredients two days ago and didn't have an m&m shake yesterday.
...I had a Reese's one instead. Ha ha ha!

The happiest of happy news?

I started it in early October and seriously spent at least 100 hours on it. At least. I'm not exaggerating.
There will be a big quiet book reveal on the blog one day soon.
Promise promise.
For now, it is all wrapped up for Jack Jack to open on Christmas Eve.
Shhh, don't tell him ;]

This little boy's nap was interrupted by TWO doorbell ringings.
I'm not complaining too much since I do love receiving multiple packages a day during the holiday season.
So instead of napping, he cuddled on the couch and watched Frosty the Snowman. For the millionth time.

I keep trying to get a good picture of Jack "praying." He "folds" his arms up and squeezes his eyes shut too but I can't seem to get a picture with his eyes shut. I probably should stop taking pictures during prayers anyway haha!

That is the end of my randomness!
Thanks for making it through.

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