37 weeks say what!?
SO CLOSE [and yet not close enough?].

Here's what's happening at 37 weeks [except I'm 38 weeks 2 days today. a little behind, oops!]

- I've started to have insomnia. T & I usually hit the sack between 11-12 and I lay down and am just not tired! So I usually Pinterest and check blogs until I get tired enough where I think I might be able to fall asleep. Usually this is around 2am. It's a vicious cycle because then I'm so tired the next day that I tend to take a nap in the afternoon and then I'm not tired at night again!

-My wedding ring still fits! With three weeks to delivery, I think I'll be wearing this baby into the delivery room. YES.

-Jack's new bedroom still isn't ready. This really isn't as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be because we're not even moving him out of the nursery until the baby outgrows the bassinet.  But I'm so worried about trying to put together a new bedroom with a toddler and a newborn so I really want to just get it DONE.

-I had several nights this week that I didn't wake up to use the restroom at all! Hallelujah! If you've ever been 37 weeks pregnant, you know that's a miracle.

-I'm still feeling pretty good overall.  Aside from a few aches & pains every now and then and restless leg syndrome (or general restlessness) some nights, I'm faring pretty well! I still have a lot of energy and generally feel pretty normal. I've been so blessed with easy pregnancies. If only I can have an easy delivery this time!

-I turned 25! Every year I somehow feel a little bit more like an adult. I think I say to T every birthday "wow, I'm like REALLY an adult now." One quarter of a century down, hopefully a couple more to go!

-Had my 37 week check up.  I didn't see my regular doctor since he is in the office on Tuesdays which was my birthday and I didn't want to have a doctor appointment interrupting my day! So I saw a different doctor in the office who did a cervical check and said "Great news! You are 2cm and thin so there will be no problem inducing you at 39 weeks." He told me to see Dr. Melchione (my regular doctor) the next week to schedule the induction. They are wanting to induce at 39 weeks to avoid another whopper like Jack-o-Lantern. PRETTY EXCITED that there's just 2 weeks to go (maximum!)!

-I'm +24lb overall this pregnancy. Didn't gain any since my 36 week appointment, probably because I'm still trying to get over a cold so I haven't had the biggest appetite.

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