Life since the sisters left

...has been so lame.
BUT LUCKILY my older sister is coming out for a week to help with the new baby!
She will be here in just 2.5 weeks and I'm absolutely thrilled! I haven't seen her in a YEAR. Plus she is bringing her adorable babe who is just seven weeks older than Jack! Those two are going to have SO much fun partying together all week!

So basically since my sisters left it has been back to real life.
Like cleaning my house.
And being back on a schedule.
And prepping for the baby.

We FINALLY cleaned out this mess of a room [former office/craft room/junk room].
Normally it doesn't really look THIS bad. This was just in the middle of clearing it all out.

Clearly Jack is pretty happy about his new empty bedroom ha.

Next step...paint. At 38 weeks pregnant. With a bar stool as a ladder. Luckily it all worked out somehow.
Are you curious what color I did?
Pictures of the finished paint coming soon!

Little man has been catching up on sleep like cah-razy. Crawled right on top of my folded laundry and crashed within seconds.
Poor babe barely got any sleep during our "Christmas Break."

Took a trip to Sam's Club and picked up Jack's new big boy mattress!
He couldn't have cared less about the mattress but was pretty thrilled to sit in the office chairs.

This kid is the biggest cheeser you will EVER meet.

Life without the sisters is so SAD.
Luckily we still have things to look forward the BABE.
Please come soon, baby!

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