More from Christmas

I figured maybe I should post the rest of my Christmas pictures before it has been a month since Christmas actually happened.
I'll mostly just let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Have I mentioned before that my sisters and I are capable of a maximum of one normal picture?
I have. It's true.

We are somehow capable of endless non-normal pictures.

I'm huge. 
We're sort of matching.

Santa came!
He brought Jack a rocking horse and a stocking full of candy, toy airplanes, and a Mickey Mouse sippy cup.

Jack was [and still is] not so sure about the rocking horse but he sure does love his airplanes and Mickey Mouse sippy cup!
The rocking horse occasionally gets a "hello" and a wave from across the playroom but that's about it.
Mostly he is subjected to sitting by himself in the corner of the playroom.
Maybe one day Jack will warm up to him.

We gave our Grandma a book of pictures and memories of our Grandpa who passed away just five days before Christmas. We are all so in love with it [who couldn't love a book full of pictures of such an amazing Grandpa?] that I think we're all planning to order one of our own!

This is how I spent a large portion of Christmas afternoon. The end of pregnancy is exhausting!

A big thank you to cousin Stephen for this fun keyboard that Jack LOVES.
His favorite part is talking into the microphone but eventually he'll like the piano part too haha!

Hope your family had as merry of a Christmas as we did!

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