Wedding in LA

So WAY back in November [ha!] we got to go to LA for my cousin's wedding!
Catherine & I have always been super close. We're just 21 days apart in age, we used to live two doors down from each other, we were inseparable at family reunions, I visited her for two weeks when she lived in Texas, she came to visit me for three weeks one summer, we went to Girls' Camp and EFY together even though we lived in different states, and she even lived with my family for part of our senior year of high school! Oh and we even made up our own language once upon a time.  It was called cher-cali-deene-cadi...I have no idea how I even remember the name of that.  Too bad I don't remember even one word of this made-up language. I'm not sure we got farther than 3 or 4 words anyway ha!
Anyway...because we've always been so close, being able to go to her temple sealing and reception was so special!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings!

Mark's dad is currently serving as a mission president in Finland. His mother was able to come home for the wedding but his dad needed to stay in Finland to keep an eye on those missionaries ;) When Mark & Catherine came out of the temple, his dad was on the phone to congratulate them. It was such a sweet moment!

Do I not have the most gorgeous sisters & cousins?
PS No idea where the maid of honor had disappeared to when we were taking these!

So Catherine designed her own gown! Isn't it gorgeous?!
She seriously looked like she stepped right out of a fairy tale.

Here's the maid of honor/sister of the bride!
Excuse my large pregnant face ha!

This little bugger was so worn out after a really long day!

Look where we got to eat lunch!
Cafe Rio, how I miss you.

Love these sisters.

Dear Kelli, I know it's really, really hard for you to take more than one normal picture. We forgive you.

We seriously had so much fun in LA for the weekend.
Lots of my extended family was there and almost my entire immediate family minus my oldest sister and her little fam. It was so fun to be together with everyone, even if it was only for less than 48 hours.
The reception with the amazing ocean view was absolutely gorgeous.
The sealing was amazing.
The bride & groom were happier than you can even imagine.
It was a perfect wedding weekend!
Congratulations, Mark & Catherine!

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