What's in my hospital bag?

So...this is the first product collage I've done so forgive me that it's not as beautiful as other ones out there! I'm sure as I do them more they'll look much better and I'll look back on this one and cringe haha.
While I'm over here playing the waiting game I thought I'd do a post on what's in my hospital bag.
Since this will be my second delivery, I feel like I'm a little more confident in what I'll want and need during my hospital stay. 
[I probably still over packed just because I always over pack.]

Yes, I plan to do my makeup every day I'm in the hospital. I'm just not one of those that feels refreshed without makeup. If you want to know a secret, I even plan to touch up my makeup right before pushing so I look decent in pictures immediately after delivery. Ha. Yes, I'm that vain.

I remember having chapped lips last time after all that pushing. It's hard work, you guys! I definitely recommend having some sort of lip balm in your bag that is easily accessible.

Sure, the hospital will provide these toiletries but I prefer using something that I know I like. Especially after something as messy as a delivery. You really want to feel fresh and clean after that first shower and having my own trial-sized toiletries just makes it that much better. Personally, I have herbal essence shampoo and conditioner (mostly because it smells wonderful) and Bath & Body Works body wash.

Can I just say I love these flexible hair bands? They don't leave a huge kink in your hair like regular hair ties do. In my opinion, that makes them perfect for delivery! Trust me...if you have long hair, you will probably want it tied up halfway through labor or at least during the pushing phase. My first delivery I pushed for two hours [in July!] and I don't know what I would have done had I not had hair ties to pull my hair off my neck.  Unfortunately, these flexible hair bands weren't yet a "thing" so I had a huge kink in my hair when I took it down after delivering. It made for really bad pictures.

I usually go 3-4 days between washing my hair but I like to touch up my curls in the mornings.  I don't mind having lots of visitors while I'm in the hospital but I would like to look presentable when they come! Plus, I just feel better about myself when I'm all "put together."

I actually bought this specifically for this delivery.  Doesn't it just seem so comfy? And I'm all for combining comfy & cute! Plus, since I plan to breastfeed I love that this is a button up. Easy access is so important!

This probably isn't necessary if you are delivering in the summer but since this babe is coming in the winter I definitely want something to keep my feet nice & cozy!

See above :]

I actually have two journals. I keep a daily journal (I use Journal10 which I love and definitely recommend) and I also have baby journals for Jack & the baby in which I write them letters whenever I feel inspired. I definitely want to write a letter to the babe about the day he was born so I've included both of my journals in my bag.

It's nice to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones/all your other stuff. I actually just have a trash bag packed but I'm thinking I might head to Target about pick up this travel one instead. At $3.89, it's really reasonably priced and I love the idea of having a reusable travel laundry bag.

11 & 12. Going home outfit - Loose blouse + leggings
For my going-home outfit I've packed some basic black leggings and a loose, flowy blouse. Trust me, your belly is not going to be flat when you leave the hospital two days after delivery.  In fact, you will probably still look 4-5 months pregnant.  Maybe that sounds discouraging now, but you feel so tiny going from 9 months pregnant to looking 4 months pregnant.  I prefer to cover my belly in those first few weeks. A loose, flowy blouse does the trick. You can be comfy without looking frumpy. I recommend planning to leave the hospital in anything not jeans. After a vaginal delivery, I can promise you that jeans are not very kind to your nether regions for at least a week.
*I actually have packed a couple pairs of leggings and a few blouses. Just in case I'm feeling like getting out of my night shirt and looking a little bit cuter. Who knows though...I might never venture out of my hospital gown. Pretty sure I lived in that thing last time.

You know, because we might get bored waiting for the baby and might want to hit some balls back and forth.
Because back labor stinks and a tennis ball is a great massaging tool! I was induced with Jack and let me tell soon as that Pitocin kicked in my contractions came on fast and strong.  Even though I asked for the epidural as soon as I was feeling uncomfortable, it took the anesthesiologist a good 30 minutes to come in and by that point I was in a lot of pain. T helped with massaging my back during back contractions but a tennis ball is so much better. I wish I had had one with me last time.

Because I'll obviously be taking about a million pictures of the babe every five seconds and my iPhone battery is bound to run out fast. Plus everybody and their mom wants to text you every three seconds to get an update on you and babe (during labor and after). So don't forget that charger!...and obviously don't forget the phone.

AND last but not least #15 which is not pictured because I could not find a decent picture anywhere is a mini inner-tube! If I could only bring one thing this might be it. No, seriously. When I delivered at Orem Community Hospital in Utah the nurse gave me one of these and it was a lifesaver (no pun intended). It's actually more of a nether-region saver. I had a partial third degree tear with Jack and I could barely sit down. My little inner tube (about 1/2 inflated) saved me from the torture of sitting on anything that wasn't a pile of feathers. I used it every time I sat down for the first week after delivery.  I don't think most hospitals actually carry these but if you can't find one, do ask! The first two nurses I had at OCH didn't offer it to me.  It wasn't until I got my third nurse (who also was our prenatal class teacher) that it was given to me.  She actually told us in our prenatal class to remember to ask for one but I completely forgot about it!

PS. I also have nursing bras packed. Don't forget those if you plan to nurse! - I'll wear my regular one to the hospital and will have a sports nursing bra in the bag.

If you have any questions, just ask!

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