Insta for the win!

Sorry, friends. Life has been winning over blogging lately.  The adjustment to two littles is not nearly as challenging as I thought it would be but I do have to admit that I have way less "extra" time than before! Coming up with a schedule that allows me time to blog on a regular basis is proving to be more difficult than I'd thought! I promise I'm working on that BUT if you want to keep up with our little fam in the meantime then please follow me on instagram!

 [insta username: marciwallace]
note: i'm a private user so you will have to request me but i promise i will accept!

I update there way more regularly than here these days because posting a picture takes about 5 seconds while blogging takes much longer.
Plus I can do it on the go while I currently only have a desktop and can only blog from home in the office.
I promise promise I'm not going to neglect the blog and you will very soon be seeing regular posts once again!


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