Jack Jack: 18 Months (and then some)

Our sweet little Jack-o-lantern is 18 months!
...well, almost 19 months (in 4 days).

It has been awhile since I've done an update on him so let's have at it!

He went to nursery (at church) for the first time!
The littles get to go when they turn 18 months and the timing couldn't have been better.  The first Sunday that we brought Phillip to church was the first Sunday Jack Jack went to nursery.  Only had to juggle both boys during Sacrament Meeting but sent Jack Jack off to nursery for the next two hours.
He LOVED (and still loves) it!
No tears when we dropped him off. He bee-lined for the toys and gave us a cheerful "bye!"
But there were tears. When we PICKED HIM UP.
Hahaha he loves nursery so much that he cries when it's time to leave!
Really, Jack, could you at least pretend you're excited to see us?
No, we're actually glad he's not super attached and is happy to be left without us. He's so independent and really chill.  It makes being a parent pretty easy.

He loves sports. All sports.
Basketball. Football. Soccer. Hockey. Golf.
Seriously. Turn sports on TV and this kid gets so excited. It's so funny to watch him watch sports. He understands more than you'd think an 18 month old would.
Touchdown? He cheers.
Basket? He cheers.
Ball in the hole? He cheers.
Goal? He cheers.
But he roots for all teams. He basically cheers when the crowd cheers or when a ball goes through/in a hole.

And he loves playing sports as much as he loves watching. 
He even practices his golfing skills at home.

This kid is obsessed with shoes.
He gets shoes out of his closet all day and brings them to me to wear.
And he tries on our shoes all the time.

He is a rock star big brother.
He's so helpful with Phillip.
He'll come get me when Phillip is crying. He says "baby? baby?" and if I don't come right away he will go pat the baby until I come. So cute.
He is always helping Phillip with his pacifier.
He loves holding and giving kisses to the babe.
And he has only hit him once. 
Haha. Story?
The babe wouldn't stop crying and finally Jack just slaps him upside the head.  I don't think he was intentionally being mean and as soon as I told him "no" he started bawling. It hasn't happened again.

Back to sports. He recognizes Raiders gear. I kid you not.
Daddy is so proud.

He can say: ball, go, no, yeah, whoa, wow, elbow, apple, car, mama/mommy, dada (although that word is rarely used!)*, hair, shoes, ball, football, basketball, golf, big block (Big Block Sing Song on Disney channel), Mickey, drink, pizza (pee-pa!), off/on (except they are both "ah!"), binky (bi-bi), baby, banana (except that lately banana suddenly has several L's in it..uhhh?), out, 

^Those are all words he says without being prompted.  If you count when you tell him "say (insert word here)" then he can say several more words.

He understands a LOT.  Sometimes I'm surprised at how much he understands. He can easily follow commands and can correctly respond yes or no to most questions. If you tell him "point to the (insert word here)" he can usually point to the correct thing.

He can show you his nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, eyes, ears, hair, head, fingers, hands, legs, feet, belly button, and sometimes shoulders and neck.

He recognizes almost all extended family by name (and he has a lot of family).  He is pretty good at pointing to everyone in a room when asked "where's (insert name here)?"

He calls everybody "mommy." If you are an adult and he wants your attention then you are "mommy."
Sometimes he says "Grandma" and "Grandpa" to his grandparents but everyone else (including daddy) is always "mommy."

One million times a day he says to me "mommy? mommy? mommy? mommy? mommy?" Seriously. One million.

He loves his cousins. He copies everything they do. He loves watching them play on the computer. He follows them around Grandma's house. He's obsessed. We love living by family!

He loves his new swing! Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!

He is obsessed with Big Block Sing Song from the Disney channel.
They're actually really funny.
If you've never seen it search YouTube for "big block sing song big feet."
That's his favorite and it's so dumb it's funny.

He has suddenly entered a phase where he loves to be naked.
I think lots of kids go through this?
Unfortunately for him I don't let him stay naked. The only times he gets to be without his clothes is for a few minutes between changing from clothes to pajamas and when he plays escape artist after bath time.

He still takes two naps a day.
Usually two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon.
...except we're currently working on hour three for this morning's nap.

He rarely sleeps in his crib all night long. Usually he ends up in our bed. Except for last night. YAY.

He's not a picky eater and will eat almost anything offered to him. But his favorites are Poptarts, PB&J sandwiches, oatmeal, fruit snacks, candy (duh), the marshmallows from lucky charms, and above all...CHIPS. The kid is a chips addict. But he only gets to have them maybe one out of every 10 times he asks. Mean mama.

He loves to play outside.

If he could pick out his own clothes every day he would pick a football shirt almost every day.
Maybe sometimes his dinosaur shirt or his lucky charms shirt because he thinks the leprechaun is a monkey and he loves monkeys.

He loves to read. Usually he would prefer to read to himself than have us read to him. I'm telling you - he is such an independent toddler! I really think I could leave him for a day by himself and he'd be totally fine as long as we left the pantry unlocked. I'm pretty sure he'd even put himself down for naps. Don't worry, I won't try it. I'm just saying.

He loves to play with vehicles. Cars. Trucks. Trains. Airplanes. All the vehicles.

When he gets mad he hits his head on the nearest hard surface. Table. Tile/cement/wood floor. Refrigerator. Wall. He even hit himself in head with a golf ball at mini golf the other day. I'm pretty sure he's going to give himself brain damage. We try to intercede when we can but he does it immediately when he gets mad so it's hard to stop him in time. The doctor said it's normal so...I guess hopefully he grows out of it?

At his 18 month appointment he was in the 50th percentile for height and weight.
24 pounds, 29 inches.

He wears 18 month clothes and size 5 shoes.

We are really loving this age. Jack is learning things faster than we can keep track, he keeps us laughing and makes every day so fun.

We love you, Jack Jack!

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