Life with Two Littles

Let's just say this life is much busier than life with one little!
[Example: I haven't blogged in two weeks since I can't seem to find a minute to spare and I'm now blogging while nursing. I have a feeling that I'm going to become quite talented at typing while balancing a nursing baby on my arm. For now, I'm struggling just a tiny bit haha.]
But I'm loving [almost] every second of it.

Prepare yourselves for a ridiculous blog post right now. Consisting of 500 million pictures of Phillip and all of our happenings in the last two weeks. I considered separating this into several blog posts and then decided that would take too long.  So you are about to get the most all-over-the-place post ever.

Let's begin with a few of those 500 million pictures I talked about.
These were all taken within the first 24 hours of Phillip's birth.

 Jack meets Phillip.

 They are pretty adorable together.
Jack has been such a good big brother. He hasn't been jealous at ALL and has asked to hold Phillip several times. He "asks" by trying to take him from me or attempting to lift him out of the bouncer. Don't worry - he doesn't have close to enough strength (yet) to lift him out.

Back to the pictures.

Phillip got a LOT of visitors on Sunday afternoon/evening.

[end pictures taken during the first 24 hours]
He had more visitors than this but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone!

We checked out of the hospital the day after Phillip was born. I could have stayed one more night but Tom was off work and I preferred to be home spending time with him and Jack than being by myself at the hospital. Plus I was in a shared room. I shared for like two hours when I was first brought to the recovery floor until the other girl checked out then had the room to myself the rest of the day and overnight but another girl was coming in the next day and I really did not feel like sharing a room overnight. Making new moms share a room is really mean, in my opinion! You barely get sleep with your own newborn waking up every two hours and your own nurses coming in every two hours. Imagine your roommate's newborn also waking up every two hours and HER nurse coming in every two hours! Maybe the nurses would coordinate their visits but I doubt the babies would coordinate their feeding times. Yikes.

Um. We forgot the newborn insert for the car seat. Fail.
[Don't worry, it's perfectly safe without it. Just probably a lot less comfortable for the poor little guy.]

Ha. Jack's face.
"The baby is coming with us?"
I think he was a little confused.

Phillip cried on the way home and Jack was laughing about it.
He doesn't laugh anymore when Phillip cries in the car though. It stopped being funny like on the second car trip haha!

"You guys, seriously. Do you hear this baby crying back here?"

On Monday night we went to Mom Wallace's where Phillip got plenty of attention.

Daddy got to take the whole week off after Phillip was born. It was SO nice to have him home.

So Jack still ends up in our bed pretty much every night [we're suckers for a frowny face] and night #1 at home was...something else.
Jack was SO infatuated with baby Phillip that we could not get him to settle down! T & I were both getting ready for bed in the bathroom and I came out to find this.

It was really adorable the first time but Jack kept climbing over me all night to try to see the baby.  Okay, it was adorable like the first 50 times but then after that...more frustrating than adorable ha! It wasn't until 1:30am...YES, 1:30! that we got both babies to sleep. AYE.

Jack is really "helpful." He pushes Phillip's swing while he's in it 
[even though it's usually swinging on its own already].
He says "weeee!" while swinging it haha.

 On Tuesday errands needed to be run and I was feeling really good so Phillip & I decided to accompany T & Jack to Costco, the furniture store [to order Jack's dresser I didn't get to order before going to L&D!] and Target.
[side note: MISTAKE. After you have a baby do not allow yourself to walk around stores for 2-3 hours even if you think you are feeling great. Because the next two days you. will. PAY.]
PS If you are thinking to yourself "you took your two day old baby out?!"...YES. I am not the type to sequester myself and baby in my home for three months. I wore him in my carrier and while people stopped to look at him, nobody touched him. Guess what? Two and a half weeks later he is still alive and thriving.

Back to our errands...
Our little sports fanatic found the Raiders stuff in Target and got pretty excited. He picked this hat out all by himself...didn't even need some prompting from Daddy. I think it was a proud moment for T. And a sad one for Aunt Jai who has tried so hard to turn Jack into a 49ers fan.

This little babe was perfect! Not a peep the entire outing.

Target is pretty much heaven for Jack.
Raiders stuff, football on several TVs at once, and as he discovered this trip...a WHOLE aisle of video games! He was in awe. How does he even know what those are?

Of course we stopped at Starbucks for vanilla bean blended creme frapps. So yum.

Picture #500.
Only 4,999,500 to go.

It became apparent that we were I was taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of Phillip when I caught Jack holding my phone up to Phillip saying "cheeeeese!" HAHA, he really thought he was taking pictures of him!

Really though. How can you not take 500 million pictures of this?
Just be glad I'm not including the 50 duplicate pictures of each pose.

Woke up in the middle of night #2 to this.
Silent, wide awake baby. I think I laughed out loud.

 My mom has been over more in the last two weeks than she has in the 9 months we've lived in this house. I kid you not. She is a tiny bit obsessed with this baby. Totally okay with me.

I lied. I'm including some duplicates. THOSE HANDS!

Phillip had his first doctor appointment on Wednesday at 3 days old. He was back up to birth weight (was 7lb 11 oz when we left the hospital, back to 8lb at his doctor appt) and healthy as can be! We scheduled his circumcision for the next day and I will tell you I was not excited about it! Don't get me wrong, I wanted to have it done. But it's so sad to watch!

This is my sad face while waiting for the doctor on circumcision day.
I tried to make T be with Phillip during the circ but he didn't want to and I didn't want the babe to be alone [even if he doesn't know any better!] so I stayed with him during the surgery. He did really, really great and only cried when they strapped him down. Pretty sure I almost cried at that part too. Only because he was crying.

I'm also pretty sure he knew what was coming since this was his face seconds before the doctor came in.
You will thank me one day, little one.
Okay, maybe you won't really verbally thank me because that would be awkward.
"Hey mom, thanks for having me circumcised. I really appreciate it."
But you will be glad. I think.

By day three, Jack had learned how to sleep through Phillip crying in the car...the babe really hates his car seat.

Also by day 3...I'm pretty sure I'd reached my lifetime quota of pictures.
I kept snapping away anyway.

Jack also rocks Phillip in his cradle. Really, he's the nicest big brother!

So my niece, Kate (age 3), saw this picture and said to her mom, "Phillip has funny ears." HAHA she thought the bunny ears were his ears. I died.

 Prepare yourselves.
Cutest picture EVER. Am I right or am I right?

Hello, little bug! He is wide awake like this a lot!

Squishy faces:

Haha, I feel like Phillip doesn't really look like his real self in either of those pictures but squishy newborn faces are just so funny.

Deep breath. We continue with the pictures.
If you are becoming too overwhelmed with the cuteness, I apologize. Sort of.

The many faces of Phillip.
 Here is proof that I'm a little bit obsessed.
No, you cannot keep just one of these pictures.
No, they are not all the same.
He looks different in every single one!
Haha. I know my fellow mom's completely understand.

I promise, I have not forgotten about my little Jack-o-Lantern! He's just running around so much I don't get as many opportunities to snap pictures of him.
But I am really treasuring the precious moments of alone/snuggle time I get with him these days.
Excuse the awful quality of the iPhone front facing camera. Boo.
I spent half an hour this day reading books/putting Jack to bed. Phillip was silent out in the family room so I assumed he had fallen asleep in his bouncer. But when I came out?
Haha. He is just a quiet, content little baby!

During the day he sleeps in the bouncer a lot and often when he wakes up he just lays there silently until I check on him and notice he's awake ha!

 T has been working 16+ hour days [I hate you, busy season.] so he barely gets a chance to see the boys.  He got to come home at 8:30 one night last week and even though he had to still work from home until past midnight he actually got a rare chance to hold Phillip while he worked.

How cute is this face?!

It's a good thing our bed is ginormous since we're now sharing it with two kidlets most nights.

Trying on Phillip's blessing outfit.
I never actually took a picture on the blessing day of his outfit sooo the one with tags is going to have to do ha!

 This is what happens while I'm in the shower - Jack entertains Phillip.

 And this is what happens while I'm getting ready.
Jack covered Phillip with clothes from my closet haha!
At first he was just throwing them on and sometimes they would land on Phillip's face. So I told Jack to not put them on his face and from then on any time one would land on his face Jack would say "uh oh!" and move it to his feet ha!

Best & funniest milk drunk face ever.

Jack is so nice he even offered to share one of his m&m's with Phillip.
I have to keep a very close eye on them when Jack has snacks.

Can I just say I'm so loving having this activity gym from day 1?
We didn't buy it until Jack was 4 or 5 months old and he loved it so much I wished we had bought it earlier. So this time I pulled it out right when we came home from the hospital and Phillip will lay under it for at least a half hour just looking at all the toys!

Oh. And he's a pro at tummy time. No tears!

Aunt Alyson came over on Monday and watched the Bachelor with us...and snuggled with Phillip. So nice to have company every once in awhile when your husband is gone from 8:30am-1:30am.

Since you've made it [almost] to the very end of this ridiculously long blog post I'll reward you with a funny story.
So I was changing Jack's diaper before his nap when Phillip started screaming. Like SCREAMING.  Hearing your baby scream is always stressful and even more so when you can't get to them right away.  So I was a little bit frazzled and trying to hurry. I finished changing Jack's diaper and then noticed the new diaper I had pulled out was still sitting on the changing table. I figured I must have just grabbed a new one from the drawer, forgetting I had already gotten one out.
So two-ish hours later Jack wakes up from his nap. I get him from the crib, he plays for a few minutes while I make his lunch, then when I went to put him in the high chair I realized his pants are wet!
Me: "Jack, what happened to your pants?! Why are you all wet?"
Jack [touching his wet pants]: "uh oh!"
Then it hits me. The hurried diaper change. The new diaper still sitting on the changing table when I was done. I pull Jack's jeans back and...sure enough:
How I really didn't put a new diaper on him and didn't notice when I put his pants back on is beyond me. I have never done that before. Poor babe's sheets were soaked. I can't believe I made him take a nap with no diaper on and he had to wet his pants! Meanest mom around. I just can't believe I pulled his pants up without noticing his bum was bare! I guess I was even more frazzled about the screaming baby than I thought ha!

End blog post of 500 million pictures.
Thanks for sticking around.

PS I promise to try to be back to a regular blogging schedule soon.
Keyword: Try.
In the end, babies and living life are more important than blogging.

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  1. you weren't kidding about the pictures! haah! good thing he's so cute to look at! love these pictures! miss my baby!


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