Phillip: 1 month + 2 days

My baby is one month (plus two days) old! What!
Where did the time go?
I feel like Phillip's baby-hood is flying by 10x faster than Jack's did. Probably because I'm so busy that the days are passing so quickly. I'm so sad that he's barely even a newborn anymore!
But I'm proud to say we survived the first month...and we're having fun!  Jack & I are both loving having Phillip around during the days.
I mean, really. Look how cute he is!

A few things about Phillip at one month:

He has been in size 1 diapers since one week old.
I think he weighs around 9 pounds...which was Jack's birth weight ha!
We just switched him from newborn to 0-3 month clothes a few days ago. Sad day, my friends.
He loves his pacifier. Win!
His eyes look pretty blue but if they stay I think they'll be darker blue than Jack's.
He la-la-loves bath time.
He pretty much never, ever spits up! He actually spit up for the first time earlier this week but I think it was from a tummy ache since he had a major blow out just seconds before. Seriously, I used to have 10 burp cloths on me at a time with Jack. We both changed outfits at least once every day (usually more for the babe) and we went through loads of laundry every week. But Phillip is making me one happy mama with his lack of spit-up! Neither of us have ever had to change outfits, you can actually sometimes find my diaper bag free of any burp cloths (probably not the best idea though) and the amount of laundry I do every week hasn't changed! Who knew you could have a baby that never spit up?!

He's awake a LOT. Like I'm pretty sure he doesn't know he's a newborn. Jack used to eat then sleep, eat then sleep, repeat, repeat repeat...all day long! But Phillip? Eat, stay awake and hang out, maybe sleep for a few minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat. Luckily, he's usually a happy little camper while he's awake just hanging out.

But he has a really hard time falling asleep on his own when he finally does get tired. He wants someone to hold him during his entire nap basically. That works when we're with family and everyone wants their fair share of baby-holding time. But when it's just me, not so much. I have to get stuff done sometime. So the other day I finally gave up on back-to-sleep (he just squirms and cries and hates it!) and flipped the little bugger on his tummy. What do you know?

In less than a minute, he was out cold and stayed that way for two hours. I was in the same room with him the whole time so I considered it our "monitored tummy time" haha.

I have to admit that Phillip cries a lot more than Jack ever did. But let's be real - any baby that makes a peep cries more than Jack did. Jack was like the easiest baby ever. Phillip was too until about 3.5 weeks. Then he started getting tummy aches a lot. I wouldn't say he cries a lot but he does actually cry, unlike Jack.

So sometimes our days go like this:
Baby in carrier all day.
He loves it and I can [sort of] get stuff done.

Oh hey guys. He's smiling!
These smiles were absolutely purposeful, responsive smiles. I was definitely not expecting real smiles this early as Jack didn't really smile until 6-7 weeks. Nobody's complaining though...we'll take these smiles all day long!

Isn't this the best baby sleep position ever?
So classic and it never gets old.

Please. Just look at this little face.

 One thing is for sure. This little guy does not have any lack of attention.
Lots of family around = lots of love all the time.

His cousins are begging to hold him the minute we walk through Grandma's door.

And even when it's just me and the boys at home?
Phillip is still loved on pretty much all the time.

Phillip is really flexible.

 And just to leave you with some cuteness...

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  1. i'm dying! so cute! i love the "pretty sure he doesn't know he's a newborn" hahahah


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