Phillip's Birth Story

Introducing our sweet Phillip.
Sunday, January 19, 2014
8 pounds, 19 inches

*For the picture slideshow of Phillip's birth story see this post*

I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who loves reading/hearing others' birth stories!  So I'm sharing Phillip's birth story here...with all the details!  Be forewarned it might be long but I don't want to leave anything out so I can always remember.

So we'll start with a few days before labor started.

Thursday - daytime
I felt like the baby had dropped. I suddenly had a lot of pressure in my pelvis and was needing to use the bathroom way more often.  Thursday afternoon I was feeling crampy but nothing regular or more than a little uncomfortable.

Thursday night
 I was crampy most of Thursday night and woke up crampy several times (I wouldn't even call them "contractions" because there was no rhyme or reason. I just felt generally crampy and blah).

Friday morning
By Friday morning all cramping had stopped.  I had absolutely no cramping Friday during the day.

Friday afternoon/evening
I spent the afternoon/evening updating my blog at my mother-in-law's house (catching up before the baby came!).  T & I had dinner there then headed home in the evening, put Jack down to bed and were going to have a date night in.  We decided to play 18 holes of frisbee golf on Wii Sports Resort.  I sat on my exercise ball most of the game telling Tom I was really going to try to break my water! I didn't haha.

Late Friday evening
After I BEAT Tom on frisbee golf we went to bed. Before I fell asleep I started having more cramping.  The cramps started to get very uncomfortable and then so painful to the point that I was shaking after the cramping had passed.  I tried timing them but they weren't at all regular.  They were 10-15 minutes apart and I would have one or two really bad ones and then minor cramping.  

Super early Saturday morning (12am-3am)
They eventually faded away enough for me to fall asleep (around 3am) but every time I woke up I was crampy.  I was SO annoying because I was getting up seriously every 15-30 minutes to use the bathroom.  I was SO exhausted and couldn't believe that I was never getting more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time.

Saturday 6:30am
I finally fell asleep for a couple hours without waking up to use the bathroom. 

Saturday 8:30am
I got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom and right before I peed I had a trickle of fluid just come out! I wondered if my water had broken in the night but I was pretty sure I was just having wishful thoughts.  Then while I was waiting to get into the shower I had another trickle of fluid! But it was seriously the smallest trickle ever so I thought maybe I imagined it.  While I was showering I thought I had a few more leaks but it's hard to tell when you have water running all over you.  After getting out of the shower I laid down on the bed trying to figure out if I really was leaking.  Tom asked what I was doing and I told him I was trying to figure out if my water broke.  I was supposed to take him to work (yes, he had to work on Saturday - lame!) so Jack & I could have the car to run errands.  But I was starting to feel a little worried that maybe my water really did break and I wasn't sure I should leave him stranded at work! 

Saturday 9am
Decided to take T to work after all.  Jack & I stopped on the way home to get donuts for breakfast as a special treat! - Jack loved it by the way.

Saturday 9:20am
I hadn't noticed any leaking in almost an hour so I decided my water probably did not break. Right after I made this decision I felt another leak!  Went to the bathroom and smelled the leak to see if I was peeing myself - ha!  It smelled like bleach so I started googling and found out that amniotic fluid smells like bleach! AH. I started to believe maybe my water really DID break but I was still in doubt at the same time.  I called my mom and asked her opinion. Should I go in to L&D? She thought I should go but agreed I could wait a few hours to see if contractions started.  I was still really unsure if I wanted to go in to L&D because I did NOT want a false alarm!  And seriously, my leaks were so tiny it was barely noticeable! I still thought maybe I was making it up in my head just because I so badly did not want to be overdue. I told my mom I was going to get myself & Jack ready, run a few errands (order Jack's new dresser from the furniture store + get gas), then come to her house and we'd go to L&D if I was still leaking.

Saturday 9:30-10:30am
Did my hair & makeup, got Jack ready, vacuumed, finished packing the hospital bag (toothbrush, makeup, etc), cleaned up the house just in case!, packed pajamas for Jack in the diaper bag just in case!

Saturday 10:30-11:00am
Tried to order Jack's dresser but the furniture store was closed. Boo. Got gas.

Got to my mom's house and she was all ready to go to L&D but I was so not wanting to go! I hadn't leaked again since 9:30 and I really didn't want to have a false alarm! So I put Jack down for a nap at my parents', left him with my little brother, and went with my parents to Costco & Walmart while they grocery shopped.  Felt a few cramps while we were out and when I decided maybe I really wasn't going to go into L&D I leaked AGAIN. So it had only been like 5-6 leaks all morning and I was just so worried they were going to tell me at L&D that my water did not break ha! My mom kept saying "do you really think you are just walking around peeing your pants?" MAYBE!

My parents dropped me back at their house with Jack and they went to lunch with my little brother. I tried a little "test" I read about online (I was googling my life away, by the way, trying to figure out if my water really did break!) where you lay down for 30 minutes then get up.  If you feel leaking when you get up your water might have broken.  If not, it probably did not.

Finish my test, stand up, nothing. But I have to pee again so I go upstairs and as soon as I get to the top of the stairs ANOTHER tiny leak! And then another one right before I peed. SO by this point I had finally allowed myself to believe my water really DID break. Starting to get excited and also nervous!

My mom & I head to the hospital. I didn't want to go get T from work in case this was a false alarm.  I figured we'd arrange for someone to go get him if I was admitted.
PS If you are wondering how I know exact times like this it's because I was texting my BFF Chelsy the whole day.  She was trying to convince me ALL morning/afternoon to go to L&D. She was convinced it was broken from the first leak haha. If she and my mom weren't forcing me to go to L&D I probably would have waited a lot longer!

Get to L&D, tell them I think my water might have broken. They bring me to a triage room, undress from the waist down and lay down on the bed for 10 minutes for any fluid to "pool." After 10 minutes they had me sit up and cough to see if fluid comes out. I barely had to cough at all and a lot of fluid definitely came out! Not a LOT but more than just a tiny trickle like had been happening all day.
PS Can I tell you how uncomfortable it is to feel like you are peeing your pants all the time? Haha!
The nurse took a sample of the fluid to test it under a microscope.  They look for "ferning."

Nurse says they can't find anything under the microscope so they need to swab again and send it down to the lab for a test that takes 30-40 minutes but is very accurate. At this point I'm so worried that this is going to be a false alarm! I'm freaking out because I'm leaking constantly now and if it really isn't amniotic fluid then I'm just going to keep peeing myself all day!? AHH.

It's finally confirmed that YES I'm leaking amniotic fluid and I'm being admitted. IT'S BABY TIME!
Texted Tom to let him know I was being admitted. His mom went to pick him up from work and they both were going to meet us at the hospital. Also texted my SIL, Alyson, who was going to come take birth story pictures for us! And then texted all my siblings. I was seriously SO excited that I didn't have to be induced and baby decided to come on his own!

Admitted, roomed, IV in, ultrasound done to confirm baby is head down (he is), she also noticed he was facing sideways which isn't really a big deal since he's not engaged so he can still flip to face down.  Nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 3.5.

Tom & my mother-in-law and my SIL arrive at hospital. I'm laying on my side for 30 minutes as instructed by nurse to try to get baby to move out of his sideways position. She kind of had me worried that he was going to stay this way and they'd have to manually rotate him but my mom kept telling me I really shouldn't worry about it so much as he was still moving constantly...she was right ended up not being an issue at all.

Walked the halls, rocked in the rocking chair, tried positions on the birthing ball to get contractions to start. Nothing more than minor cramping...annoying!  They told me they would start Pitocin at 8:30pm (12 hours after my water broke. Although FYI 8:30am was just a guess of when my membranes really ruptured since that's just when I woke up and noticed the leaking. I think it broke a lot earlier in the night which is why I was waking up every 15 minutes feeling like I needed to pee so badly!) I really wanted them to just start the Pitocin already!  I was bored and so tired since I hadn't slept at all the night before.  I ask if there's a chance they can see if my bag of waters is still bulging and if so can they break it? I'm pretty sure it's a high leak as I'm still barely leaking fluid. I feel like once they break the water things will progress! I ask about this like 5 more times throughout the night/early morning but the nurses can't break it and the doctor hasn't been in.

My new nurse told me that no amount of walking the halls or different positions was going to determine if my contractions started. Basically if they were going to start they'd start and if not then not. HA. So I stopped trying and took her advice to just relax and enjoy the time with my family before the Pitocin got started and the pain kicked in. Jack Jack came to visit with my dad (who brought food for all my guests who were SO patiently waiting with me haha!) Oh and my SIL Courtney had joined us by this time!

Nurse came in and told me the on-call doctor for my OB practice wanted the Pitocin to be started at 10pm. UGH. Another hour and a half of WAITING! Oh by the way...I was having a lot of pain because the baby was so low and every time he moved he would push against my pelvis and give me the sharpest pains! I really just wanted him out!

FINALLY they start the Pitocin.

Nurse comes in and has to STOP the Pitocin! WHAT. She needed two minutes of a baseline (resting) heart rate for the baby before she could start the Pitocin and she realized she didn't have two full minutes of a resting heart rate before she started.  Night time is baby's SUPER active time so it took an hour and a half for us to get just two minutes of a resting heart rate. I was trying so hard to get the baby to calm down and finally after rocking for 10 minutes she was able to get the two minute baseline heart rate.

Pitocin started, round two.

SUNDAY (what! I was sure the baby would be here before midnight - nope!) 12:50am
Pitocin is being turned up every 30 minutes as permitted. I'm up to a 5. The contractions are coming at regular intervals (about 3-5 minutes apart) but not painful (I'm telling the nurse my pain level is 3/10 at this point). At this point the Pitocin cannot be turned up more since my contractions are coming so regularly.  Unfortunately they're not really getting painful but I am in pain from the baby's head in my pelvis and the contractions are uncomfortable enough that I can't sleep.

I'm completely exhausted at this point. No sleep the night before and I've been up all night again. So has everyone else in the room with me - I feel so bad for them! I really just want to sleep and my contractions are a little more painful (maybe 4/10) so I'm considering getting an epidural just so I can SLEEP.  The nurse checks me and I'm only at 4cm! I hadn't been checked since 3pm and was so disappointed to find out I had only progressed half a centimeter! Since I wasn't considered in "active labor" yet I was worried getting the epidural would slow things down as I've heard that can happen.  The nurse confirmed that could happen and suggested I consider a walking epidural which lasts an hour and then if I was still uncomfortable after that I could get the full epidural. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so she left the room for me to talk it out with my family and decide.  PS the nurse also confirmed my bag of waters is still bulging. This is frustrating as I wish they would just completely rupture it because I know it would get things going!

I'm seriously so exhausted that I decide I just want the walking epidural so I can rest.  Plus my contractions are getting slightly worse. The anesthesiologist comes in and starts the walking epidural.  By the time she comes my contractions have intensified even more. Within 10 minutes I feel so much more relaxed and am able to rest some.

I'm feeling my contractions even with the epidural so the nurse talks to the anesthesiologist to decide if they should top it off or convert me to the full epidural. The anesthesiologist recommends converting to the full epidural so he comes to administer the medicine.

I start to get SO itchy from the epidural.  I feel like I have lice crawling under my skin...everywhere!  Tom and my mom help scratch my back but nothing is relieving the itch and it's seriously my entire body. I honestly wanted to scream, I was going nuts! I asked the nurse if there was something she could give me to counteract the itching.  She said there were two options: one was Benadryl which would make me sleepy.  She never said the name of the other but it would make the epidural less effective.  I knew I definitely didn't want anything that would make my epidural less effective and I also decided against the Benadryl as I didn't want to be sleepy when it came time to push.  5am-7am is all a little blurry for me but I guess the itching must have worn off after awhile because I wasn't itchy by the time I delivered.

I'm feeling my contractions again in spite of the epidural and tell my new nurse I'm uncomfortable. She wants to check me first. I'm also starting to feel really nauseous. Nurse checks me and we are ALL surprised to find out I'm at 9cm! What?! She says "wow, we are going to have a baby! You are 9cm!" I'm feeling even more nauseous at this point and don't even want to think about pushing. I ask the nurse for Zofran but she has to run out to call the doctor.  She comes back and says the doctor was just leaving the parking lot to go deliver a baby at Mercy but she made him turn around since I'm practically ready to push. I'm freaking out because I do NOT want to push feeling so sick! Finally she administers my Zofran but the doctor comes in and they're getting everything ready for delivery and I'm still feeling so sick! All I can think is I do not want to deliver this baby right now...I'm too sick!

Finally the Zofran is kicking in. Someone asks me if I still want to touch up my makeup before pushing. HAHA I told them they had to remind me to do that before pushing so the pictures turned out good hahaha! Since I'm feeling better I say YES and touch up my bronzer and lip gloss. Seriously.

7:35ish am
The nurse has me do a practice push and I don't think it's completely hit me yet that I'm about to deliver a baby. I'm so exhausted from being up ALL night two nights in a row!

7:40ish am
I'm so afraid to push since I'm feeling my contractions and know I'm going to feel him coming out. This happened with Jack too (epidural wore off right at the end) and pushing him out was torture ha! They make me push anyway.

Three pushes and his head is out, one push for the shoulders, and then he's OUT! I feel SO relieved to finally have him here and have the long afternoon/night/day of labor and no sleep be over. They put the baby on my chest and I'm SO happy to see him! I can't stop staring at him and kissing his little head. I'm so, so happy he's here and he's mine! I vaguely remember seeing T cut the cord but I'm too busy making googly eyes at my baby to pay much attention to anything else around me.

I heard someone saying as he was coming out "he's a good size baby!" and I thought "seriously, again!?" I believed it because let me tell you I swear pushing him out was way more painful than pushing Jack out but I think now that's just because he came so fast and Jack's was a ridiculous two hours of pushing. Plus Tom and my mom are reminding me maybe I just forgot because I was in a lot of pain pushing Jack out too haha!  Tom says it seemed like this one maybe did hurt more though because I was crying which I wasn't doing when I delivered Jack. But the pushing lasted a lot less time so I guess it's better to have more pain for 6 minutes than a little less pain for 2 hours? Haha. I just remember thinking as I was pushing the baby out "I am NOT doing this again!" but I think I thought that with Jack too ha!

Anyway, after some time of skin-to-skin they weigh the baby and he is 8 pounds even! That is NOT big to me even though it's bigger than average! Considering Jack was 9lb 1oz, an 8 pounder is little!

We are so, so happy to have Phillip join our little family.  He is such a sweet babe and we love him to pieces already!

 And just a quick history behind his name.
Phillip Dale Wallace.
Around 21 weeks I decided I liked the name Phillip. By 22 weeks I loved it and finally got up the nerve to bring it up to T. I loved it so much at this point I didn't want to tell him and have him say "no" like he does to practically every name! He said "maybe" but it definitely wasn't a "yes." Over the next several weeks I mentioned it a handful of times and it seemed like each time he was agreeing to it more. I didn't mention it to anyone else and we kept getting suggestions for other names.  I was sure I wanted to name him Phillip but since T hadn't agreed yet I was trying to keep an open mind! Around 25 weeks T's dad actually suggested the name "Phil." He told me he had a new name idea for me and I'm pretty sure I said something like "Oh, great. Let's hear it."...since 99% of his name suggestions were obvious NO's haha. He said "no it's a real one...Phil." So I said "Or...Phillip?" and told him that Phillip was actually my #1 name and I was just trying to convince Tom. Dad Wallace was the first person other than T that I actually told the name to and I'm so happy I told him early since he never got a chance to meet the little bugger! Anyway, Tom finally agreed to Phillip 2-3 weeks before delivery but I still didn't really tell anyone because I just don't like to hear other people's opinions on the name.

As for Phillip's middle name. I had told T I was considering just not doing a middle name if we named him Phillip because nothing seemed right. But T wanted to do a middle name so I kept thinking on it.  Then, in November, T's dad passed away and we both immediately wanted to make the baby's middle name Dale after Tom's dad.  I loved the way it sounded with Phillip so I was sold on the whole name.  Like I said, it took Tom until 37ish weeks to finally verbally agree to the full name. I'm seriously so in love with his name (and T is too, I promise) and it's so perfect on him! And I love that he will carry around his grandpa's name even if he never had a chance to meet him on Earth.  I hope it will encourage him to want to learn and know more about his grandpa.

More to come soon on our life as a family of four!
It's a little bit cray cray but lots of fun!


  1. loooove this! especially love mom's comment about peeing your pants! hahah!

  2. Love the story love the name. Phillip had actually been on or list for awhile.... We will see. My water has broken both times. Never ever just a trickle. The first time it happened I thought I had peed my pants and then there was more water and I said to Allen that is a lot of water! Both times I got to the hospital they wanted to check and make sure my water has really broke. I didn't know that for some women it might not come all at once.

    1. Phillip would be a cute name with Leo & Lucy! I had read before that you could have a small leak but I never imagined it could be so small that you didn't even know if it broke for sure! Or that you could go more than an hour in between leaking ha!

  3. I love this! Where did you deliver? Did you like your doctor? Maybe email me so I don't blow up your comment section. :) my email is nfoell18 at gmail dot com. I'm planning to deliver my baby in CA and need suggestions on Drs.


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