rough patch

Monday, March 31, 2014

We've had a few rough days around here lately.
Jack has started to become very frustrated very quickly when you don't understand what he wants.
Or you won't give him what he wants.
Like the entire bag of graham crackers AND the entire bag of ritz crackers.
Because who wants to clean up all the crumbs that will certainly come with it right after mopping the floor?

He's really pretty good at communicating these days but sometimes we're still not sure what he wants and let me tell is not pretty if you don't figure it out real fast.
We ignore him while he throws his tantrums
[minus this one time that I took pictures and a video haha]
but they are really pretty comical most of the time.
He's really quite dramatic.
Hits the walls, the floor, the furniture.
Then looks to see if you're watching him.
Bangs his head on stuff.
[Hopefully he grows out of that soon.]
Puts himself in the corner
[we've never sent him to the corner before but apparently it's just a natural place to go when you are very unhappy? haha]

But as funny as they sometimes are...
dear tantrums,
please go away soon.

Life as we know it.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I really need to be better at staying up to date with my blog posts.
Because we keep ending up with these all-over-the-place update posts.
I guess that's how life as a mama of two goes sometimes.
Better luck next time!

Phillip is two months (and one week) old! ahh.
two month check up went something like this:
11lb 9oz (50%), 23" (50%)*
healthy babe.

*side note: jack jack was 14lb 15oz at his two month check-up! - more than 3lb heavier than Phillip!
holy moly, i don't think i realized really just how HUGE he was since he was my first (even though I knew he was 98th percentile ha)

 Jack usually wants in/out/in/out of the stroller so when we went shopping last week I thought I'd just bring the single and let Jack walk.
Um nope. He wanted to be in the stroller.
So we turned it into a double stroller by sitting Jack on the edge of the car seat between Phillip's legs haha!
Poor Phillip.

 Pretty sure I'm the nicest mom ever since I bought Jack a piece of chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while I was on a no sweets fast. I sat there and watched him enjoy every last bite. Pretty sure I salivated the whole time.

A trip to the library these days apparently means playing on the computer?
He was SO EXCITED when he saw the computer.
Before this he had never even played on a computer before!
I guess he has seen his cousins playing enough to figure out that the computer must be a toy.

we went to a kings game with t's work team.
jack jack was SO into it!

 I really don't know why T looks so somber because I'm pretty sure he was enjoying the game too.
Maybe because we got our butts kicked.

Are you ready for the saddest story of our lives?
Mr. Bunny got run over!

So we were at my parents' house and my dad comes into the house laughing so hard.
"marci, you have to come outside and see this!"
so I come out and BAM, Mr. Bunny under the tire!
Apparently Jack dropped him when he went running for the ping pong paddle/balls in the garage and then my dad ran over him when he pulled in a little while later.
Poor Mr. Bunny!

Tire tread marks and all.
This poor little guy has been put through a lot.

We found out last week that this sweet pup has cancer.
I'm really not nearly as sad as I would have been in high school.
Probably because I almost never see her anymore.
But it's still sad for the poor pup and her best pup friend!
She'll be put down once she's in pain often enough that she has no good quality of life.

Remember how Jack suddenly loves electronics?
Yeah, he was pretty excited about watching his cousins play the gameboy.
[is that a gameboy? i really have no idea]

 Poor Carter probably could barely see his screen since Jack's face was buried in it haha!

Second reason why I'm the nicest mom ever:
Yeah, I built that.
Jack didn't seem nearly as appreciative as would have been appropriate.
That took me a long time!
He played with it for a total of .02 seconds.

Who is this baby?
Surely not mine because he's TOO BIG.
So sad he's not a newborn anymore!

 One-on-one time with this little one does not happen nearly as often as it used to so I treasure the few moments we do get together. We usually read books about cars or play cars or play golf or do anything else that can be easily characterized as "all boy." ha!

I honestly don't know that I've ever seen a FULL rainbow until earlier this week.
How amazing is that?

 Nothing is cuter than a baby post-bath time, amiright?

 Just more proof of the electronics lover he's become.
he actually asked me to play on the computer.
and so it begins.

As I've mentioned before, Phillip gets gas bubbles like every five seconds while nursing.
They are mean.

 But don't let those angry faces fool you.
Two seconds after he finally burps?

He is becoming all smiles lately!
This was a happy face to step out of the shower to this morning:


 PS thanks to grandma & grandpa for the adorable elephant jammies.

 off to fold laundry and enjoy a few moments of peace while both babies nap!
...while watching Parenthood, of course.


Friday, March 28, 2014

and that is something to celebrate.
five things from our week:

1. I have seen this angry face more than once this week.
He gets stubborn little gas bubbles and they can be traumatizing to the poor babe [clearly].

2. We visited the Sacramento Children's Museum and while I can't say I was very impressed (it's pretty mediocre in comparison to other children's museums), Jack loved it and cried great big tears when we left.

3. My sisters and I are on a two week sweets fast. The HAPPIEST news is that it ends this Sunday! Here's to hoping that I don't go on a huge dessert binge on Monday and ruin my two weeks of hard work. Saying no to home baked chocolate chip cookies, soda with your pizza, Grandma's delicious sugar cookies, and a late night Thin Mint is not easy. At least not for me. Hooray for surviving!

4. Jillian Michaels' 30-day shred is kicking my booty.
This is what I look like post-workout.
The good news is I only have 11 days left.
HOORAY for that.

5. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living so close to so much family?
I love that Jack is so close to his grandparents/cousins/aunts/uncles.
This afternoon we went to lunch with my parents and little Jack-O-Lantern was in heaven playing matching shapes with Grandma on her phone.
dear all of my siblings who don't live here: you are missing out.

 PS Hopefully in next week's post I am telling you all about how extremely successful we were this weekend in taking Jack's binky away cold turkey. And how extremely easy and tear-free it was. HA.

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What's in her closet?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Top: Gap Outlet
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Target
Pants: Gap Outlet [similar]
Shoes: Walmart [similar]


He's just a tiny bit obsessed...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Jack, that is. With sports.
But really, by "a tiny bit" I mean like REALLY SO OBSESSED.
He can say "football," "soccer," "basketball," "baseball," and "golf" and knows what you're supposed to do with each ball.
Football used to be his #1 favorite but then we went miniature golfing one day
and then my mother in law had these little golf club pens a few days later
and then Daddy went real golfing a few days later...
and suddenly golf rules our lives.

I can't even tell you how many times a day I hear "golf? golf? golf?"
This kid plays golf all. day. long.

When he first decided he wanted to play he kept begging to go out to the garage.
He would go to the door and say "golf? golf? golf?"
I thought for sure he wanted T's golf clubs but when I finally let him out there he went straight for the plunger.
Took it to the backyard and used the kickball as his golf ball.
I kid you not, this was completely his own doing.
That is one creative kid.

^^yeah, we need to work on his swing just a little bit^^

After a couple days of plunger/kickball "golf" Jack came to me with a PVC pipe and a bag of ping pong balls.
...both of which he found in the garage.
He was SO excited.
You can't make this stuff up, guys.

We decided he was practicing so hard that he should get a real plastic set of clubs.
After all, if he's going to be a pro golfer one day, we gotta start him young.
I think Tiger started playing at age 3?
We're ahead of the game here!
We sort of justified the purchase by having a family home evening lesson on developing our talents (we don't really want to believe we're those parents who buys their kid everything they want...).  We talked about talents each member of the family has and how we should practice them so we can be better. Then we gave Jack his new set of ($6!) clubs so he could practice his new talent. HA.
Notice: Tom has been working on his form with him. haha!

And really, what is cuter than a little boy toting his "golf bag" around?

This is after what he considered a really good hit.

He plays with those clubs every. single. day.
But I have to admit that sometimes he goes back to the good ole PVC pipe haha!

Oh and PS
suddenly the other day we were gearing up for baseball season?
it's just one sport after the other!


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