A Day in the Life

Basically my little sister is amazing and films the most amazing videos.
While she was home for a weekend she made this video of me and the littles.
She basically wanted me to go through our morning routine and she filmed it.
Welcome to a day (or more like morning) of our life.

[or you can watch it in HD here]

Seriously, she's amazing right?
I've watched it like a million times and I can't get enough!
I sure do love being a stay-at-home mama with these littles.
Thanks, Kell, for making a video we'll forever treasure!

See more of Kelli's videos on Vimeo here.
A few of my favorites:
and another one but I'm going to post it here soon so I don't want to ruin the magic ha.
PS If you live in Utah you can maybe hire her to make a motherhood video for you :]


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