and that is something to celebrate.
five things from our week:

1. I have seen this angry face more than once this week.
He gets stubborn little gas bubbles and they can be traumatizing to the poor babe [clearly].

2. We visited the Sacramento Children's Museum and while I can't say I was very impressed (it's pretty mediocre in comparison to other children's museums), Jack loved it and cried great big tears when we left.

3. My sisters and I are on a two week sweets fast. The HAPPIEST news is that it ends this Sunday! Here's to hoping that I don't go on a huge dessert binge on Monday and ruin my two weeks of hard work. Saying no to home baked chocolate chip cookies, soda with your pizza, Grandma's delicious sugar cookies, and a late night Thin Mint is not easy. At least not for me. Hooray for surviving!

4. Jillian Michaels' 30-day shred is kicking my booty.
This is what I look like post-workout.
The good news is I only have 11 days left.
HOORAY for that.

5. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living so close to so much family?
I love that Jack is so close to his grandparents/cousins/aunts/uncles.
This afternoon we went to lunch with my parents and little Jack-O-Lantern was in heaven playing matching shapes with Grandma on her phone.
dear all of my siblings who don't live here: you are missing out.

 PS Hopefully in next week's post I am telling you all about how extremely successful we were this weekend in taking Jack's binky away cold turkey. And how extremely easy and tear-free it was. HA.

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