Have you missed us?

Yeah, I've sort of fallen off the blogging earth.
Sorry 'bout that...
but here's what's been happening around here lately!

The babe started smiling! At exactly one month old he gave us some true, responsive smiles.
Now he smiles all the's so fun!

PS Did you know he is TWO months as of yesterday?! ahhh.

We've been fighting a never-ending battle against gas.
I seriously have burped this kid 50x more in his two months of life than I ever burped Jack in his first year.
The good news is that he never, ever spits up.
High five for that.

We hung out at Grandma & Grandpa's for a week since T was out of town and I have a phobia of being alone.
No, I'm really not kidding.

T had paternity leave so we tackled our mess of a front yard.
Word has it this area used to look really nice but after a year of renter's and then several months of us (we have NO gardening know-how at ALL) it was a complete disaster/jungle.
Basically we ripped it all up and are starting from scratch.
Look at these roots we had to pull up!

Jack was a great little his diaper.

What is this face? haha!

Oh, and don't you know plungers are like the go-to tool for everything? At least Jack thinks so. He grabs it anytime he wants to help with anything.

The fly swatter is a good gardening tool too.

Petsmart is almost as good as the zoo.
And bonus! - it's free.
(considering we have no pets so we never buy anything ha!)

Costco lunch for the win.

This little guy la-la-loves "pipa."

We've had Great Grandma Davis over for dinner/baby cuddle sessions a few times.

We've learned that the only way this little guy will fall asleep is after he's swaddled up nice and tight.
...if you aren't that good at swaddling you can just lay the blanket over him then tuck it in really tight underneath him as I clearly did.

This little babe has just been getting cuter and cuter.

He's pretty cool too.

Jack randomly got jealous that Phillip was laying with me once and wanted in on the snuggles.
Snuggling two babies on a tiny couch makes for one crowded snuggle session...but look at that smile!

I went to Carter's to get a price adjustment on something and accidentally walked out with a new wardrobe? Oops.
a. Jack has suddenly had a huge growth spurt or something since all his shirts/jeans are all of a sudden too short
b. We've already hit 80 here and it's too dang hot for Jack's current winter wardrobe.
c. Everything was 50% off plus an additional 20% off if you spent $40 plus you got $10 off a future purchase if you spent $ I obviously had to spend $50, right?
d. I had a $33 gift card.

Our good friends were in town from New Mexico for a funeral so we got to meet up with them and their adorable daughter, Megan. Jack Jack had so much fun playing with sweet little Megan!

Good thing we're planning to go camping together this summer so these two can play more.

Jack loves his cousin "Car-Car" and pianos too...pretty sure he was in heaven.

We've been loving having Daddy home between 6-7 every night instead of at 1am.
HOORAY for the end of busy season!

Have I ever told you about all the random cats that hang out in our yard?
For some reason it's like cat paradise over here.
Clearly, Jack loves it.
Still working on convincing T to get Jack Jack his own kitty.

Note to moms:
Just buy your baby boy a football at the dollar store and he won't care at all about having to sit in a pink floral car seat.
I'm kidding. He didn't care before the football, either.
I'm just a sucker at the dollar store when he wants something.

This babe's eyes have stayed blue so far! Am I seriously going to be so lucky to have two blue eyed babies?!

GAP had their friends and family sale...I bought way too much stuff.
How can you pass up a 0-3 month dress shirt onesie that is this cute?!
Well played, GAP.

We celebrated this pretty lady's 81st birthday with Old Spaghetti Factory and delicious cake.

Life has been good to us.

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