He's just a tiny bit obsessed...

Jack, that is. With sports.
But really, by "a tiny bit" I mean like REALLY SO OBSESSED.
He can say "football," "soccer," "basketball," "baseball," and "golf" and knows what you're supposed to do with each ball.
Football used to be his #1 favorite but then we went miniature golfing one day
and then my mother in law had these little golf club pens a few days later
and then Daddy went real golfing a few days later...
and suddenly golf rules our lives.

I can't even tell you how many times a day I hear "golf? golf? golf?"
This kid plays golf all. day. long.

When he first decided he wanted to play he kept begging to go out to the garage.
He would go to the door and say "golf? golf? golf?"
I thought for sure he wanted T's golf clubs but when I finally let him out there he went straight for the plunger.
Took it to the backyard and used the kickball as his golf ball.
I kid you not, this was completely his own doing.
That is one creative kid.

^^yeah, we need to work on his swing just a little bit^^

After a couple days of plunger/kickball "golf" Jack came to me with a PVC pipe and a bag of ping pong balls.
...both of which he found in the garage.
He was SO excited.
You can't make this stuff up, guys.

We decided he was practicing so hard that he should get a real plastic set of clubs.
After all, if he's going to be a pro golfer one day, we gotta start him young.
I think Tiger started playing at age 3?
We're ahead of the game here!
We sort of justified the purchase by having a family home evening lesson on developing our talents (we don't really want to believe we're those parents who buys their kid everything they want...).  We talked about talents each member of the family has and how we should practice them so we can be better. Then we gave Jack his new set of ($6!) clubs so he could practice his new talent. HA.
Notice: Tom has been working on his form with him. haha!

And really, what is cuter than a little boy toting his "golf bag" around?

This is after what he considered a really good hit.

He plays with those clubs every. single. day.
But I have to admit that sometimes he goes back to the good ole PVC pipe haha!

Oh and PS
suddenly the other day we were gearing up for baseball season?
it's just one sport after the other!

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