High Five for Friday!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've done a H54F post!
I always mean to but the day just gets away from every single Friday.
Anyway, here I am at 11:50pm actually doing one. It still counts because I have 10 minutes left of Friday ha!
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1. T is HOME this week and next for paternity leave! We are loving every second. Hence why I'm still really bad at blogging post-baby. Promise, promise I will get back to it soon!

2. I decided to do that crazy crockpot freezer meal thing.
[this is my shopping cart with all the ingredients minus meat which I got at Costco]
I used this 40 meals in 4 hours blog post as my guide/recipe list/grocery list.
The 40 meals thing worked out for me* but the 4 hours part? Not so much. 
It took like 4 hours just prepping all the meat, I kid you not! Plus grocery shopping time plus clean up time...the total time was like 8+ hours. Better be worth it.
*ahem...except minus the one that fell to the ground while I was putting it in the freezer. The bag broke and all the contents were all over my garage floor. GAH. So I actually have 39 meals ha.

3. I ran out of freezer bags for the crockpot meals and sent hubby to the store to get more.
He came back with this.
[[hot chocolate.]]
He knows the way to my heart.
PS he also came back with the freezer bags.

4. We got Phillip's newborn pictures back this week! LOVE them.
Another post with all the pictures coming soon.

5. Took a family field trip to the Aerospace Museum today.
Jack Jack was in heaven.

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  1. Enjoyed your post! Yes, freezer cooking is awesome! It can take a lot of time though. Glad enjoy being a blogger as well!


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