NEW Weekly Blog Linky Party: My Life in Lists

a new weekly blog linky party!
right here at If These Walls Could Speak.
first link-up is anticipated to start on Monday, April 7.
you can grab a button for the link up over there --->
[scroll down some to find it!]

you guys. i have SO many fun things planned for this link-up. it's going to be a blast.
be sure to check back for more details and to link up!

ps. so sorry [again] that i have been so MIA lately.
here are my excuses:
a. getting two babies to nap at the same time is proving to be a little bit impossible.
b. i've been so busy working on getting this new linky party ready to premiere next month!
c. my computer STILL crashes all. the. time.
boo :(

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