Our adventure at the Aerospace Museum

Once upon a time Groupon had a deal for the Aerospace Museum.
$8 for our whole fam bam.
Jack loves airplanes (like, loves!) and T was going to have a couple weeks off coming up so basically it was a no-brainer.  I bought the Groupon and last week we were finally able to venture out to explore the airplane museum.
Jack mostly loved sitting in the airplane seats (seatbelt buckled and first, folks!) and watching the super old black-and-white films with airplanes ha.
While the museum was fun for a one-time visit I don't think it's something we'd do on a regular basis and I certainly would not pay the $16 it would have cost us without the Groupon.  They try to make it family-friendly but to be honest it's really more for the history buffs out there.
Although maybe we'll sneak back out that way to play on the really cool aerospace-themed playground.  It was rainy the day we went so we didn't get to try it out but I can guarantee Jack would have loved it! Plus that part is free :]

 ^^ I take it back. Maybe I would go again...look how excited he is! ^^

^^ So I sqautted to get a better angle while snapping pictures of him and since he's in this copycat phase he sat on the ground. Pretty sure he didn't realize it would be WET. He was pretty distraught about his wet pants after this. ^^

^^ It's clearly nap time ^^



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