rough patch

We've had a few rough days around here lately.
Jack has started to become very frustrated very quickly when you don't understand what he wants.
Or you won't give him what he wants.
Like the entire bag of graham crackers AND the entire bag of ritz crackers.
Because who wants to clean up all the crumbs that will certainly come with it right after mopping the floor?

He's really pretty good at communicating these days but sometimes we're still not sure what he wants and let me tell is not pretty if you don't figure it out real fast.
We ignore him while he throws his tantrums
[minus this one time that I took pictures and a video haha]
but they are really pretty comical most of the time.
He's really quite dramatic.
Hits the walls, the floor, the furniture.
Then looks to see if you're watching him.
Bangs his head on stuff.
[Hopefully he grows out of that soon.]
Puts himself in the corner
[we've never sent him to the corner before but apparently it's just a natural place to go when you are very unhappy? haha]

But as funny as they sometimes are...
dear tantrums,
please go away soon.

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