We Went to Utah.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

and we had a pretty great time.
This was a last-minute surprise trip.
None of my sibs knew we were coming and we just showed up on their doorsteps at 11pm on a Tuesday night. It was one of the best surprises ever.
The boys were completely amazing on both drives
[a grand total of 22 hours].
Here's what we did on this Utah vacay.

attended my brother-in-law's BYU graduation.
had amazing bbq at Wallaby's to celebrate said graduation.
celebrated my little brother's 17th birthday.
jumped our hearts out at the biggest trampoline arena in the united states.
[jack had a blast playing trampoline basketball]
kneaders french toast breakfast.
played games with sibs.
ate at cafe rio.
made jack obsessed with the Y on the mountain for BYU...
he thinks it has something to do with Super Why since T kept calling it the "Super Y." - on purpose since Jack suddenly loves Super Why.
had lunch at zupas [where jack rocked out to the music they had playing]
stayed up late talking to my sisters.
recorded five or more videos with my sister which we may or may not share on one of our blogs.
RELAXED. which we have pretty much never done on a vacation. i now think i want every vacation to have little to no plans. i actually had time to read and to nap. pure bliss.
took one million pictures.
which you get to see below.
I narrowed it down but I only ended up taking out like five pictures.
because i like all the pictures 
and it's my blog 
and i do what i want.




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